Haunted Harold Vlog – “Are any of these children?”

Dillon's painting2

Mom: Uncle Ant wants to know are any of these in your painting children?

These two are and they’re scared. This one is, is…… pretends to be a kid, but is very nasty!

Mom: Do you know who this one over here is?

She’s the lady who helps and watch.

I don’t like him.

Mom: Okay. Thank you.

“I’m dreaming of … Haunted Harold the Doll?”

Let me start by saying that personally, I couldn’t script what I’m about to tell you. Hell, I’m still having a hard time believing it. But here goes ….

When I posted the 4 videos of Clairvoyant Erica Goodson reading Harold, I trimmed it to leave out pieces of information that I didn’t want made public. One of the things I left out was the name Erica believed to belong to the girl who died. So when I received a message today from a woman named Fiona (not her real name) who asked me to ask Harold about a name that sounded eerily similar to the one Erica gave me in her reading ….

We finally connected on the phone and Fiona told me that she was on YouTube looking for country music songs to add to her collection when she saw the video about Harold posted by Virtual Insanity. She told me that she immediately recognized the doll as the one she saw in her dreams on a regular basis for the past 14 years.

She looked up my Harold the Haunted Doll videos on YouTube and watched all of them. When she saw Erica’s videos, she heard her talk about things that she saw in her dreams. Again, she gave me details that Erica talked about that I didn’t post online.

What she told me, the full name she gave me that she heard herself being called in her dream … it all gave me chills … literally. As I told Fiona, if the name she asked about didn’t sound so similar to the name Erica mentioned, I wouldn’t have talked to her. Now, I’m glad I did.

I videoed a session, on my cell phone, in which I asked Harold about what I was told. I didn’t get an anomalous reaction on the Tri Field Meter, but I did record an orb fly towards Harold when I asked him about the name of the girl Fiona gave me.

I’m going to ask Miguel to help me with this particular video, and we’ll post it on YouTube along with the story as soon as we can.

I hung up with Fiona wondering, “Is this the reincarnated soul of the young girl Harold talked about in Erica’s reading?”

I don’t know, but this does add an incredible twist to this already bizarre story! I also know that I’ll have a very difficult time sleeping tonight!

I’ve told this story before about Haunted Harold the Doll ….

I shared this story about Harold on Facebook, but realized I hadn’t done so here.

About two weeks ago a friend of mine told me, on Facebook, about a video on YouTube about Haunted Harold. I took a look at it and was telling a friend of mine about it a few days later (August 15). I told her that there were a lot of views of the video, but some of the information on it wasn’t correct, so I posted a comment on the video. That comment led to people (understandable so) challenging my claim that I owned Harold and have owned him since 2004.

Anyway, the day I talked to her I planned to go the storage unit I had him in to pull him out, and take picture with a current USA Today newspaper. My friend agreed it was a good idea.

Later that day I got a feeling that it would be a good idea if my friend wasn’t around Harold again in the future.. It was an idea that just popped into my head.

I got Harold out of storage, put him in my hotel room took a few pics of him with my camera phone, then went to a Starbucks for a cup of coffee while I read  a book. While I was reading I couldn’t stop worrying about my friend, and the “warning” I heard in my head, so I called her.

That morning when we talked, she sounded upbeat and happy. This time she seemed to be sad, and upset. “Are you okay?” I asked her.

“No, I don’t feel well. I don’t know why either. One moment I’m hot and sweaty, the next I’m freezing cold! My head feels fuzzy. and I’ve been feeling woozy.”

Without telling her why, I told her I didn’t think it would be a good idea to be around Harold anymore. She agreed.

After I hung the phone up with her, I went back to my room, took the holy water that I keep in Harold’s bag, and started splashing him with it. “Don’t ever do something like that to my friend, or anyone I love, ever again!” I told him.

I then sent the pics to the woman in England who created the video of Harold and told her about what had happened with my friend. As soon as I sent the email I heard, “She’s okay now.”

I immediately called and asked how she was doing. “I’m doing good! I just started feeling better a couple of minutes ago!” She sounded like her usual self.

I have no doubt in my mind Harold was responsible for what happened. It’s happened too many times before, with other people,  for me to think anything else.



Haunted Harold the doll – the Reveal!

This film was shot back in 2010 and NEVER intended to be seen by the public!

I recently saw a video about Harold on YouTube in a series entitled “Haunted Dolls.” Harold is #5 in the series. There were so many views, and a lot of people wondering what happened to this doll, so I decided to post this video on YouTube, and start sharing my research, and opinion about this doll, with the world.

Is this doll haunted?

Is it cursed?

I’ll be posting more videos, and blog posts, documenting my research and investigation of this doll.