Harold the Doll and my puppy, Chance!

I’ve been staying with friends who have three female dogs, two of whom are very affectionate. Bentley, having been raised by a woman isn’t much of a kisser, at least not with me, but these two are. As they were licking my face, I was thinking about how much I missed Chance’s kisses. Then I received the following messages just a little bit ago from Larry (reprinted with permission) –

My roommate is thinking about adopting a dog well.  [My son] told him we already have a dog here named Chance. [My roommate] just looked at me. I smiled and said, “Well yeah.”  Gonna freak my roommate out.

He is definitely [my son’s] lil buddy. [My son] has been in great moods since Chance first showed up. My biggest thing was [my son’s] safety and knowing Chance is here and bright, I feel so much better. I will take on what I have to but [my son] needed a friend and protector from the other side.

I asked Larry if his son has seen has seen Chance since the last time we talked.

Just 1 time i know of he was playing with him the day that he wanted to leave the pile of toys for him that night. i walked by his room and he was throwing toys saying, Get it boy.” And then he started laughing like throwing his head back. I said what you doing? He said “playing with chance him was giving me kisses.” So I let him be.

[My son] set some toys and balls in a pile in his room the other night for Chance to play. Well, umm, next morning most toys were there except a few balls. They were moved all around. One was even found in my room. And [my son] sleeps in our room currently so it wasn’t him who moved them.  Even when I know it’s all real and everything, it’s still a shock to me when something happens.

But everytime I try to film it either phone won.t work, or they stop playing. Lol I’m like really yall, come on.

cannot tell you how happy it makes me feel to hear this. Recently I received a picture from Vincent’s mum.

Dillon's picture of Chance

along with this message –

He said the puppy is protecting. I asked was it protecting you? He said, “No mummy, it’s not uncle Ant.” I then asked who… he said he doesn’t know them.

immediately knew that it was Larry’s son.

One of the things that made me feel good was seeing Chance is wearing his collar. The day he transitioned he still had the collar the hospital put on him. I cut it off and put his regular collar on telling him, “I love you and I hope that this helps you feel better.” An hour later, he passed away. Seeing him wearing his collar in the drawing tells me he loves me, and is still my boy. 🙂

Larry's dog6