“My life went to hell because of Harold the Doll.”

Anthony’s note – When “Missy” first contacted me, almost 2 years ago, claiming to have experiences she believed involved the doll, I didn’t know what to think. She told me she read about Harold the Doll, took a shower, felt a stinging sensation and saw several long scratches on her leg. She also told me that she believed there was a “demon” involved, but since she couldn’t offer any real evidence of that, I didn’t take her seriously.

She stopped messaging me, until recently. I didn’t even remember who she was. She reminded me, this morning, when she sent me this (excerpted) – 

Between first talking to you, last year, and early this year, so much negative has happened….

I don’t wanna say too much cause it will sound like I’m mentally insane if I went right into each thing but there was a black figured mass hanging around, crows everywhere and perched on fences as I walked down the street (and most birds fly off as you get closer to them so I thought it was really weird they wouldn’t move. They were everywhere I went, or would be in my yard, or on my veranda outside my home for a while. I woke up one morning and there was a dead crow laying across my front door step when I opened it to walk outside).

I’d weirdly hear the name Harold wherever I went too (like I’d walk past someone, I’d hear them say something and mention the name Harold). It freaked me out to be honest. I used whatever protection I could; everything from the bubble, to holy water, white sage and the violet light, but nothing got rid of the doom feeling and the negativity that hung around – all my protections did was move the black figure outside.

My 8 yr old son seen a boy whenever I’d see the black figure but I never saw a boy, only that thing in black with freakish eyes.

All my electrics screwed up in my house in Queensland (Australia). Knocking at the door started, and always around the 4 AM mark.. It only knocked 3 times but there was never anyone at the door when I looked out the front window.

Mainly it was the negativity and feeling of doom around anything, and everything, I did. My whole life as I knew it went downhill. My headaches turned into migraines. (I’ve not ever suffered from headaches or migraines in my life until then.)

And to make it clear, I don’t drink and never have. I don’t do drugs or even know people around that lifestyle. I am not on any mental health medications or have any diagnosed mental health problems so I know I wasn’t imagining this.

The worst thing was, it knew my biggest fears and how to make me scared (emphasis mine – Anthony). I went to the local church and talked to the priest about my faith in the light and how to strengthen it. I also got a bottle of holy water to spray on myself, and inside and outside my home.

And I’ll tell ya this even if I do sound crazy, whenever I seen the black figure, I instantly picked up the words soul catcher and it would run through my head as if someone else was saying it over, and over to me, after my biggest fear had played out, and I was a mess emotionally.

I met this lady who was walking around the city preaching God’s word, and for whatever reason she came over to me and started talking about life and general stuff ’til we got onto the subject of an impending battle between good and evil and how they (God and the Devil) are going to resurface on the earth and come back. She made mention about the Devil’s army and how things like dolls and loveable type objects like rings were used to hold these entities so they could be on earth and in society unnoticed by humans and play games using the fear tactic to gain energy and turn people against each other. She said God wanted us to love and help our fellow man and be as one with each other; which made sense to me why the dark side wants people to turn against each other and use their fear to do this. When that happens people lose faith in the light and God which gives the dark side an opening to their soul.

Sorry but I had to explain that because even when I first started talking to you about the doll, I said it was a soul catcher. Even though I was intrigued by it and wanted to know it’s history, I never fully gave it my energy because I always try to protect myself before talking to you, or reading the posts, and new info that came to you from people. I felt like I was bring challenged to forget my faith and give up because of how everything started going wrong. My whole world went from positive to negative and I went from what I had, to losing almost everything, and being all alone with no one to turn too.

I didn’t stop relying on my faith though and only about 2-3 weeks ago did the negative feeling lift and things have been starting to go well with the positive vibe attached. I haven’t seen the black figure since then either. It did make me wonder and I decided that I’d talk to you and tell you what I experienced but not get involved or too close to the doll or your investigation.

Oh and I’ll add.. my home was old, and yes it had some spirits in it, but never, until last year (I moved into it in Feb 2014 ), had it given off such a bad negative vibe or the feeling of doom or dread. And never, till last year, had my kettle and toaster blown up when I plugged them in. My lights started blowing out at odd times. My phone apparently called someone. She called me back in tears and said whatever spoke and grunted sounded so evil it scared her and she hung up and called back to make sure I was okay. I told her I didn’t even have the phone near me and had only just heard my Facebook Messenger ringer going off, so really there’s no logical explanation why or who touched my phone. It was just me at home and I was making a coffee, not even near the phone which was in my room on charge.

Between first talking to you, last year, and early this year, so much negative has happened but I’m hoping it’s over. I hold onto my faith in the Light. It’s sort of lifted. In the last few weeks and things are going well for once and no more headaches either.
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