Harold the Haunted Doll isn’t happy.

I met with the founders of Lockdown Paranormal, John and Randy, today to discuss the possibility of them doing an investigation of Harold. Joining me were my friend Camille Massing whose had her own personal experiences with Harold, and Clairvoyant Erica Goodson whose done readings on Harold.

“I’m not looking for evidence as to whether or not this doll is ‘haunted,'” I told them. “I want further documentation of the activity.”

John had an Ovilus with him. In case you don’t know what one is, it’s a device that supposedly translates EMF waves into spoken words (don’t ask me, I don’t know). We tried doing experiments outside of the coffee shop we were in, and then in the back of Camille’s car. We finally decided to go to Camille’s house which was only a few minutes away. Erica decided not to join us, saying that she felt Harold might be more “vocal” if she wasn’t around.

At Camille’s home our results weren’t much better. Then Camille received a phone that she took, walking away from us. Once she did, the Ovilus seemed to become more active. About the same time I suggested that Harold try sending messages to Erica. The next moment we heard, “Sent.”

In the mode that John and Randy had the device in, it was difficult to understand what was being said.

Erica and I were texting each other. She said that she felt that Harold wished that I would just hurry up and do what I needed to do to release him. I talked earlier about taking him to a renowned psychic for a reading, and John, Rudy, and I all heard what we agreed sounded like that psychic’s name. After that we kept hearing what sounded like, “Worried, and guilty.” We even heard what sounded like the word, “evil.”

Erica said that Harold was worried that he might never be released from the doll. That’s when I admitted that I had been wondering what I should do if I found out that Harold really is “evil.” Would I be able to, in good conscience, release the spirit trapped inside the doll?

After all, considering all of the things he’s done since being in the doll, what could he do if he were free of it?

These were the questions I’ve been wrestling with for the past couple of days, but didn’t share them with anyone; still Harold knew I was thinking about this.

The following are some of the text that Erica sent to me –

I did feel weird when you said you were taking him to places other than ______________,

Like you said about more people reading him. He will go off again if you take him.

He wants out. He just keeps saying he’s done.

The way he’s making me feel is it will be really bad. And to hurry.

There’s a lot of emotions with him right now. He doesn’t like what he’s done but there’s something there. He’s just done. I hear him again. Since he’s been trapped.

He hadn’t done anything ’til he was trapped. He’s worried he won’t get free.


John, Rudy, and I plan to get together again to do a more formal investigation, which I’ll video. I do want to thank both of them for their time today; Camille for allowing us to use her home, and Erica for giving Harold a voice.

I guess I should mention that when I picked up the bag Harold is in, my back started to tighten up and really hurt. It’s only now, hours later, that my back is starting to feel a little better.

Why I’m investigating Haunted Harold the way I am.

Someone who saw my video asked me why, since I’m a medium, I don’t just find out directly from the spirit in the doll what it’s story is. I thought it was a great question.

I am a full time, professional, psychic medium as well as the author of “Communications from the Other Side: Death is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships,” published by 4th Dimension Press, an imprint of the Association for Research and Enlightenment. At one time, I was also a paranormal investigator, researching hauntings, apparitions and poltergeists, first using the standard technology at the time, then as a psychic.

When I do a reading for someone one of my rules is that I know as little about the person as possible before their reading. After all, anyone can read a new age book and tell someone that their loved one is at peace. I like to give evidence, and I demand that the soul coming through proves who it is to the sitter.

Another reason is that as a medium, I connect those who have crossed over to the Other Side, with their loved ones left behind. I do not talk to “ghosts,” the spirits of those who haven’t crossed over. That’s something a Clairvoyant does (which I am as well).

While Kathy’s auction of Harold on eBay was going on, she and I were emailing each other and she told me a number of stories that happened while she had him.

After I won the auction, I decided to approach my investigation of Harold the same way I would any case. I would use technology, and psychics. It’s the same approach I decided to use when I brought Harold back out in June to continue the investigation I stopped back in 2005.