“I’m dreaming of … Haunted Harold the Doll?”

Let me start by saying that personally, I couldn’t script what I’m about to tell you. Hell, I’m still having a hard time believing it. But here goes ….

When I posted the 4 videos of Clairvoyant Erica Goodson reading Harold, I trimmed it to leave out pieces of information that I didn’t want made public. One of the things I left out was the name Erica believed to belong to the girl who died. So when I received a message today from a woman named Fiona (not her real name) who asked me to ask Harold about a name that sounded eerily similar to the one Erica gave me in her reading ….

We finally connected on the phone and Fiona told me that she was on YouTube looking for country music songs to add to her collection when she saw the video about Harold posted by Virtual Insanity. She told me that she immediately recognized the doll as the one she saw in her dreams on a regular basis for the past 14 years.

She looked up my Harold the Haunted Doll videos on YouTube and watched all of them. When she saw Erica’s videos, she heard her talk about things that she saw in her dreams. Again, she gave me details that Erica talked about that I didn’t post online.

What she told me, the full name she gave me that she heard herself being called in her dream … it all gave me chills … literally. As I told Fiona, if the name she asked about didn’t sound so similar to the name Erica mentioned, I wouldn’t have talked to her. Now, I’m glad I did.

I videoed a session, on my cell phone, in which I asked Harold about what I was told. I didn’t get an anomalous reaction on the Tri Field Meter, but I did record an orb fly towards Harold when I asked him about the name of the girl Fiona gave me.

I’m going to ask Miguel to help me with this particular video, and we’ll post it on YouTube along with the story as soon as we can.

I hung up with Fiona wondering, “Is this the reincarnated soul of the young girl Harold talked about in Erica’s reading?”

I don’t know, but this does add an incredible twist to this already bizarre story! I also know that I’ll have a very difficult time sleeping tonight!

Speaking of Harold the Haunted Doll ….

Miguel Tarango an I spoke on the phone tonight discussing ideas about Harold. You might know that Miguel is a filmmaker who filmed me taking him out of storage in 2010.

He suggested a number of things we could do which I thought were brilliant, and can’t wait to get started on. My plan is to act on what I learned from the reading Clairvoyant Erica Goodson did on Harold. As I mentioned before, I also plan to continue my investigation of the doll. I reached out to a paranormal group but haven’t heard back from them, so I’m going to look for another one.

Haunted Harold did it?

People who visit Robert the Doll, the famous “cursed” doll in Key West, Florida, in the museum he’s housed in can buy all kinds of “Robert” merchandise such as t–shirts, mugs, and posters, with the words, “Robert did it!” It seems like Robert gets blamed for a lot of what goes on, since he was first owned by Eugene Otto, back n the early 1900’s, up to today.

I’m starting to think that the same thing can be said about Harold.

I met with my friend, Miguel Tarango, yesterday. Miguel filmed me taking Harold out of storage in 2010 (you see him in the film as well).  We had lunch and spent some time getting the next film about Harold ready to be posted on YouTube.  Miguel shared with me that he decided to start a personal journal since we posted the last video on YouTube, since he’s having some experiences and he’s wondering if Harold is responsible

One of the things he mentioned, and showed me, was unusual scratches on his wrist. I asked him if he and his wife had a cat (always look for a logical explanation) and he said that he did. The  problem with that explanation is that as I looked closely at the scratches, they formed what literally looked like a “Y.” Now, I’ve had three cats in my lifetime, and I’ve been scratched by all of them. None of the scratches I’ve had ever looked like a Y.

Miguel’s voice was also quieter than normal, and scratchy. He told me he lost his voice last Thursday, in a way that has happened only once before – when he first moved here to Colorado.

I immediately thought about Rick, the last person to do a reading on Harold. I wasn’t taking any chances that Rick might know of Harold so I unzipped the bag the doll is in only enough for Rick to put his hand in it. He immediately said he felt ill in a way that he hadn’t felt since childhood.

Miguel didn’t want to say Harold was responsible for either the scratch on his wrist, or him losing his voice, but he couldn’t help but wonder. Which is why he started to keep the journal.

After lunch we went back to the MacSpa, which Miguel co-owns with his partner, Amy. An appointment they had cancelled at the last minute. We decided to go ahead and see how far we could get with posting the video I filmed Monday night on my camera onto YouTube. Miguel wasn’t able to finish it, but I’m hoping that it’ll be posted by Saturday.

I mentioned in a post on here that Harold doesn’t move things. Well, that seems to have changed since then. The morning after I wrote that, I found the television remote, which I usually keep on the night stand next to my bed, underneath my bed.

The next incident involves my two cell phones. One I use frequently. The other I rarely use, or even touch.

One day I had to recharge my frequently used phone, so I plugged the recharger in and put the phone on the night stand.  A couple of hours later I looked at it and was surprised to see my second phone laying on top of it! I know I didn’t do that.

A couple of days ago, my wallet was moved on two different occasions. First from the table my computer sits on to my bed. I didn’t think much about it and put it back on the table. Later that evening I was surprised to find it laying on the floor about six feet away, under the heating and air conditioning unit.

This morning, my wireless mouse was blinking red, letting me know that I need to change it’s batteries. The brand new batteries I put in about 4 weeks ago. Which reminds me. I have beard and moustache trimmer whose battery died as well. After I used it for a total of less than 15 minutes.

Is Harold responsible for these, and other incidents I haven’t written about? Well, the film that Miguel will be posting on YouTube soon does seem to indicate that Harold is, indeed, haunted.


Haunted Harold the doll – the Reveal!

This film was shot back in 2010 and NEVER intended to be seen by the public!

I recently saw a video about Harold on YouTube in a series entitled “Haunted Dolls.” Harold is #5 in the series. There were so many views, and a lot of people wondering what happened to this doll, so I decided to post this video on YouTube, and start sharing my research, and opinion about this doll, with the world.

Is this doll haunted?

Is it cursed?

I’ll be posting more videos, and blog posts, documenting my research and investigation of this doll.