Harold the Doll’s Voicemail, and Image

A couple of days ago I received an email from my friend Donna, who is a brilliant Internet researcher, and who has helped me put many of the pieces of the puzzle of what’s going on with Harold. Without her help filling in the gaps, very little of what I’ve learned would make any sense… to me.

I just couldn’t be more grateful.

Here’s the email –

I wasn’t going to say anything about this because I can’t explain why it happened. Yesterday I got a notification that Melanie reacted with an ❤️ on a post I made on Harold’s page.  I thought that’s weird, I didn’t post anything.  So, I clicked on the notification and it brought me to this post-January 6, 2015.  … 

So, I clicked on the notification and it brought me to this post-January 6, 2015.  … was added by me.  I thought this can’t be right, why would she love this post?

So I got out of it, went back to my notification and clicked on it again.  Again it brought me to the same post.  I couldn’t see what she (❤️).  My next thought was to take a picture of the notification and send it to her, asking her why she (❤️) that post.

I went back to the notification for a 3rd time to take the picture and it was gone.  Thinking now I missed something on Harold’s page and went back into the group to find the post.  Took awhile to find it but while I was looking for it I came across Melanie’s post of the voice mail she got with your number, which I’ve seen, and heard before.

What I didn’t see before was this image on her phone that is now very clear.  Maybe it’s nothing but thought you should know.  I’ll send them separately.

The post, Donna is referring to, was written by Melanie about a voicemail she received on her phone from my phone number. She thought it was a pocket dial until the end when she heard, “Call me,” and it wasn’t my voice.

Other people have contacted me telling me they received similar voicemails from my phone number, along with messages that were threatening or made little sense. Fortunately, most of them understood when I explained to them that it wasn’t me who made the call – even a pocket dial.

A few weeks ago a friend called me back to say that she was returning the call I just made to her. I told her I didn’t call, I was on my computer, and my phone was sitting on the desk next to me when she was called. She freaked out saying that there was a message, in my voice, telling her to call back and that it was urgent.

Donna sent the first picture of the post, then as the night went on, she tried to understand what she was looking at. Thank god, because I am such a techno-dolt, I can’t do anything like what she did. She enlarged the image, changed the opaqueness of the image, and sharpened it. What she saw stunned her and me.

Unfortunately, like so many others who have helped me, she paid a price and was physically attacked. Please remember her in your prayers.

The last image is of Harold the Doll superimposed by Donna on the image on the phone, and as you can see, they line up almost perfectly.

As always, Donna, I cannot thank you enough, and I’m in your debt.

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