Kathy R speaks about Haunted Harold

January, 2011

I am Kathy, the person who was the second to have this doll. I bought the doll from Greg and brought it back to Ireland. I had it in my possession (no pun intended) for a year before I listed it on eBay because I believed this doll to be cursed, not haunted.

My life has changed dramatically since I acquired “Harold”, and while Greg admits to the creative and funny way he marketed this doll, I wanted to give myself a crack at it, too; however, the turn of events that happened after purchasing this doll convinced me it was cursed.

I have been interested in the Paranormal ever since I was a kid and Linda Blair spit up the soup. I planned on selling the doll immediately but something told me just to put it away and forget about it for the time being. Since then, I’ve found out that I am a “little bit” sensitive. Scenarios and answers just come to me….when I think about reading someone I can’t. I can’t “conjure” at will.

Anyway, as I said, the doll was put away. During that year, the following things happened to me: – A couple my husband knew via work became social friends. John and Veronica traveled extensively, and on this occasion they were going to Amsterdam. They had been at our home in Dublin the night before they were to leave. I had just gotten the doll and since Ronnie was a collector of antiques, she asked if she could see it. I showed it to her and she told me it was a 1930′s composition doll, something I knew already but I let her have her moment.

Their boarder, Stephen (who I was just thinking about earlier this morning), was staying with us for the weekend. John received a call from John in Amsterdam with tragic news…..it seems Ronnie went out on the balcony to have a cigarette and fell down the stairs to her death. Ronnie was a very petite woman. She was barely five foot tall and weighed about 85 pounds. Anyone who has been to Amsterdam will know stairs there are very high, tall and windy there.

John came home the next day, and we met him at the house. You know how something will stick in your mind? The only thing I remember about that day is making the both of them eggs for breakfast and tidying up the house for John. It was a very surreal situation……three days before John and Ronnie were at our house enjoying the Italian meal I cooked, laughing and having a grand old time.

After Ronnie’s death, John could not bear to be away from his adult children and moved back to South Africa or something like that. This left Stephen with no place to go for the short term. Since we had an extra room at our house we offered it to Stephen and he happily moved in. Harold was living in the closet in Stephen’s room after I had shown him to Ronnie, and not putting two and two together.

Stephen had just been home to Wales and I remember this because he hardly went home to Wales as he was divorced. While he was there, he had a huge medical workup and came back with a clean bill of health. I wasn’t surprised because he lived a very healthy vegetarian life as well as a very sporty one. To make a long story short, three months later he was having difficulty swallowing and was losing his voice now and again. He was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx that had progressed to Stage 4 with a very bad prognosis. He died almost five months to the day he moved in with us. He had been in hospice in Wales and we went to visit when he came home and had home hospice. –

While in Dublin, a few months before we moved to the US permanently, I began to experience the symptoms of fibromyalgia, diagnosed six months after we moved to the US.

My husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure that seemed to come on immediately, to the amazement of his doctors.

Other unexplainable, inconvenient situations happened to us besides these major (I’m talking death) experiences here. I am not Stephen King in any shape or form, nor am I a writer. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Anthony, please get in touch with me……I am not surprised to have been thinking about you earlier today as well and then reading this tonight. Something must have compelled me to type in “Haunted Harold” because it is over 6 years that I had this doll, and it isn’t even Halloween. I think Greg has other gifts besides marketing and an imagination that he doesn’t even know he had.