“Harold the Doll’s energy was sickly…”

When Anthony U Quinata brought Harold to our Paranormal 101 class, we were all excited.. it was the first really “haunted” object that we had… i am a medium and i was instantly aware of the malignant nature of the doll as soon as Anthony opened the case… the energy was sickly and putrid… the first emotions i sensed were anger and resentment.. after everyone taking pictures and doing the readings with their equipment, we began an EVP session… during the EVP session i began to hear a voice in my head and i began to shake almost uncontrollably like i do when i do automatic writing… this is the transcript of the session along with my impressions:
questions first and then the response i heard in my head..

Gina asked “What is your name?”
-you have to earn my name

Gina said something to the effect of don’t be afraid we only want to communicate
-I don’t fear you

Ray said “I have encountered beings like you before”
-there are no beings like me

here is where the shaking began and where i think the Automatic Writing began
Ray said “can you do something?”
-Don’t make me perform… you won’t like it

Ray said “Can you make the lights go out?”
-i can make your light go out

Ray asked “Do you fear us? Are you afraid we will hurt you?”
-you can’t hurt me

Gina asked “How old are you?”
-i was old when your world was young
-my story began when time started

You began to tell us a little about the 3 trapped souls
-there are 3 you know of
i got the impression that there are many many more…

You were telling us about the priests you spoke to
-those child fuckers can’t stop me
-they are as bad as me but i admit what i was

Anthony Quinata
(720) ***-****
____________________________________ i drew a line under your info

He was quiet for a while and then Joni played the video where the narrator recited Bible verses
I felt that he didn’t like the man saying the verses out loud
-The words of a Barking Dog
-His words mean nothing to me and hold no Dominion over me

A verse was read about Satan being “prideful” and being a “fallen angel”
-God was the pridefull one.
-He didn’t fall he was cast down by his Bastard father
-looking at my notes, it might (and i stress might) be “his Prideful father” but i’m pretty sure it is “Bastard father”

there was a verse about the Glory of God
-He is more Glorious now more than even his father

there was a verse read about Satan being a deceiver
-who is more deciever than one who hides and never shows his true face?

that is it for my notes… i will make copies of my notebook and keep them in my car and the next time i see you, give them to you…. i kept everything the way it was i my notes, including capitalization and spelling errors…

Kenneth Murray

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