More Closure Surrounding Harold the Doll

When I revealed in 2013 that I have Harold the Doll, and have had it since 2004 when I won it on an eBay from a woman named Kathy, I did it because I wanted to make public that the original listings of the doll were a hoax. Having said that, I knew something weird was going on with the doll, I just didn’t know what.

Having said that, I knew something weird was going on with the doll, I just didn’t know what. But it wasn’t found in a flea market in Webster, Florida. No one ever tried to burn it and it wouldn’t burn. And my favorite, no one ever died from a brain tumor after looking into its eyes. (I have no idea where that one came from except on Ghost Adventures.)

Kathy and I stayed in touch over the years but things became extremely contentious between us before the doll was scheduled to appear on television. It got to the point that we stopped talking to each other altogether. Until recently.

As you may know, I was able to assist the souls imprisoned in and by the doll on February 15, 2017. I thought it only right to let Kathy know, since she is a part of its history, so I sent her a brief text saying that what was going on with the doll is over.

Recently, something strange was going on with my phone. As I was talking with people it would suddenly disconnect for no apparent reason. This sort of thing did happen, frequently, before I ended the insanity with Harold, so I began to wonder.

Then one day I was talking to a friend on the phone when it disconnected. Before I could hit redial I heard the phone dialing. “Hello! How are you?” I heard, but it wasn’t the voice of the friend I was just talking to. It was Kathy. How this happened I have no idea.

How this happened I have no idea. But we did spend a good amount of time talking. She is still suffering physical ailments that she attributes to the time she had Harold the Doll. So is her husband.

I’m so happy we’re on speaking terms again, and I hope that things get better her and her husband.

Kathy, if you’re reading this, let stay in touch!



Haunted Harold the Doll and the crucifix

One of the questions I’m asked a lot is if I’ve had any personal experiences since I’ve had Harold. I have, but most of the stories I have involve other people. I did have another one of my own last night though.

I’ve been conducting EVP experiments with Harold hoping to capture more evidence of who he is, and what his story is about. Last night I thought I’d try it without the crucifix I keep with him at all times. So, I took the cross out of the bag, along with the holy water, left Harold in the bag, and started asking questions, recording the sessions on my cell phone’s video camera.

I did get a response to, “Harold, are you willing to talk to me?” I heard, “Yes … yes.” That was encouraging, but that’s all I got. Oh yeah, I also got a headache. It was a stress headache that caused my right temple to really hurt.

After three attempts to get Harold to talk, I finally gave up, zipped up the bag Harold is in, and got on my computer. My head continued to hurt, so I got up and went for a short walk around my hotel. After a couple of minutes the pain went away, and that’s when I began to wonder if Harold caused it.

I got back to my room and the same headache returned. I tried to ignore it, and the doll, when I remembered that I hadn’t put the crucifix back in the bag, which I immediately did. Within seconds, the pain went away.

The crucifix, blessed by Pope John Paul II, does seem to have an effect on Harold, as does the “holy water.” The first time I had a reading done by a psychic on Harold, I splashed the water on him. Later, when I listened to the recordings, I heard a man screaming in pain and cursing.

Recently, when I thought one of my friends was made sick by Harold, I doused the doll with holy water and moments later I heard, “Okay … she’s okay now.” I called my friend and she confirmed that she just started feeling better, after feeling ill for hours. She began feeling sick after we got off of the phone earlier that day. We were discussing Harold.

A couple of weeks ago, I took pictures of Harold because his energy seemed so “happy” after I took him out of his bag, to do EVP experiments with him. I was hoping to capture that energy on my cell phone camera.

Later, I put the crucifix in front of him, and took a couple of pics without looking at them.

When I did look at them the next morning I almost deleted them thinking that they were out of focus, the pixilation was so bad.

Harold with crucifix

That same night, when I put Harold back in the bag, I put him on top of the crucifix. A little later a thought came to me that Harold was enjoying sitting on the cross and “sh*tting” on it. I took the cross out from under Harold, put it on top of him, and the thought went away.

My point to all this is that I think I now know why I haven’t had as many “incidents” with Harold as you might think. I do believe that the crucifix acts as a “buffer” against Harold’s energy, and the threat of being doused with holy water seems to keep him in line as well.

Having said that, I’ve thought that for the sake of my investigation of him, about removing the crucifix and water and seeing what happens. I put them in with Harold after I received him and I was thinking of the stories Kathy told me about her experiences with him.

Then again … maybe I won’t. If Kathy is correct, and Harold is responsible for the deaths of two of her friends, I don’t need something like that on my conscience.

“Haunted Harold” makes a confession!

I found a WordPress website on Google about Harold. It was entitled, “Haunted Harold, the Devils Doll Speaks!”

I found it interesting for a couple of reasons. One, I’ve referred to Harold as “the Devil’s Doll,” for years now.

Secondly, this blog was apparently started on, or before February 10, 2010. It had an interesting angle in that it was written from Harold’s point of view. Also it contains stories concerning Kathy’s experiences with the doll that most people weren’t aware of, but Kathy shared with me.

I responded to a blog post that Greg, the original seller of Harold on eBay, wrote about selling Harold informing him that I not only won Harold in Kathy’s auction, but that I still owned him, on February 20th, 2010.

No other posts were written on the WordPress site after that.

So why am I bringing this up? Because I firmly believe that Greg started this blog, essentially to say that Kathy was crazy. He didn’t finish it after I wrote to him letting him know that I own the doll, and I’ve had my own anomalous experiences with it.

While I can’t prove it … it makes sense to me.

Whoever started this blog (ahem … Greg) admits in the post that the video posted about Harold in the original auction in which the doll appeared to move his arm, is faked, a camera trick (that’s the confession I referred to). I’ve always known it, but the writer (ahem … Greg) admits it.

I have to admit, I like the style that the blog post was written in. I only wish I would not have let him know that I owned Harold until he wrote Part 2 of his story.

There is another reason I decided to write this. While I haven’t looked, I’m sure there’s been an increase of “haunted dolls” up for auction, or sale, on eBay now, since the movie, “The Conjuring” came out. Someone asked me how do you know if the doll really is “haunted” or not? My advice to her was, “Bid on the doll, not the story.”

Anthony speaks about Haunted Harold and the Stanley Hotel

Hi Greg,

A friend of mine found this [blog post] and forwarded it to me. You may remember me. I acquired “Harold” from Kathy, winning him on eBay. This was at least 5 years ago, and I, in fact, still have him to this day.

As a matter of fact, I just had a psychic do a reading on him just this afternoon. This wasn’t the first reading I’ve done on him. In fact I’ve had a few done. But more on that in a bit.

When I first saw Harold up for auction, I wanted him because of the stories Kathy told me about her experiences with him. There were a few other factors, but I’m not going to reveal them here. I may sometime in the future though.

Since I’ve had him though, there have been a number of events that have happened that I’ve personally experienced, and witnessed. For the record, I’m not saying this because I intend to sell him. But I will tell you about one set of incidents involving this doll.

I live in the Denver area and brought him with me to the Stanley Hotel. A number of people (about 14)  heard I was there and that I investigate paranormal claims, and were in my room. Almost all of them were TOTAL strangers. Only one of them was aware of Harold and the stories about him.

I brought him out and put him on my bed. I said nothing about the doll. Someone asked if he was “haunted.” I only said, “You tell me what you think.” One man proclaimed he was a skeptic and didn’t believe in anything “paranormal.”

About ten minutes later they were all standing out in the hallway talking about Harold. The self-proclaimed skeptic asked, “What the hell is up with that doll?”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I felt as though it wanted to kill me!” I didn’t respond, only smiled. That wasn’t the first time; I had heard comments like that before.

Word about Harold spread throughout the hotel. The night auditor working that night was told by another employee, “Go up to Anthony’s room and check out his doll.”

“Why?” she wanted to know.

“Just go take a look at it.”

When she saw it she immediately had an intense headache, an upset stomach, and felt nauseous. I talked to her that night and she said that it lasted for 2 1/2 hours.

I bought Harold because I was investigating “haunted objects.” There is something going with this doll. I’m not sure what it is yet. I work with him for a short period of time, then put him away for long periods of time (typically more than a year).

It was only a little over two weeks ago that I took him out of storage after he had been in there for me than two years. My goal now is to finally determine whether or not there is something to this doll and Kathy’s claims about it.

Not to mention the incidents that have happened to people since I’ve had him. And there have been several, that I can’t explain just now.

Note – Greg did not respond to my post.

“Could the stories about Haunted Harold be true?”

The day I received Harold in the mail from Kathy, the first thing I did, after waiting a while wondering what the hell I was doing with the doll, was to take an Tri Field EMF meter and see if I could get any readings off of the doll. No such luck.

Then I took pictures. Nothing there either. I quickly decided that there really wasn’t much to the stories.

As the auction was going on, Kathy and I emailed each other frequently and Kathy shared a number of stories with me, that I thought she sincerely believed. She also told me about Stephen, her boarder, and incidents involving him, including him becoming suddenly, and terminally ill. So just to be on the safe side, I put a crucifix that was blessed by Pope John Paul II, along with  bottle of holy water, in the Duane Reade bag Harold came in.

April, a friend of mine, is a gifted psychometrist. She can hold an object and tell you about it’s history. I called her and asked if she would read a number of objects I had, but I didn’t tell her what they were. She agreed.

I brought several things with me, including Harold, which I saved for her to read last.  I recorded her readings to listen to later.

When I pulled the doll out of the Duane Reade bag he was in. I also took out the crucifix and holy water.

“Is that Harold?” she asked.

“Yes. How did you know?”

“I’ve seen him on the Internet,” she told me.

I was disappointed. I wanted her to do the reading not knowing his reputation.  I began splashing the water on the doll. April laughed, which may have been a mistake on her part.

Despite the fact she knew about him, and the stories, she took him from me. She started to give me her impressions,  and then wanted to hand him back to him. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I can’t do this anymore.”

“Why?”  I asked.

“He just said he’s going to kill me. I have a heart murmur, and he’s messing with my heart.” She wasn’t only distressed, she started to cry.

I had known April for a few years by that time, and I knew she was prone to dramatics, so I didn’t know whether or not to believe her. I took the doll and put it back in the back. The entire reading of the doll was about a minute long.

I listened to the recording I made later. There weren’t any EVPs on the recorder until I got to Harold’s reading. As I started splashing the holy water on Harold I heard what sounded like a man screaming in agony, as though he were being burned. When April laughed and asked if it was “holy water” I had, I heard the same voice yell, “F*ck you!”

Then a few seconds later, while April was talking, I heard, “I’m going to kill you, bitch!”

“Could the stories about Harold be true?” I wondered. For the first time, I began to think that Kathy wasn’t crazy, or lying about Harold, after all. I also began to think that this doll was worth investigating after all.

For years after that April wouldn’t call the doll “Harold,” but “H boy,” “H” standing for “Hell.” She thought the doll was possessed by a demon, and to this day refuses to be around, or have anything to do with, him. She also claimed that the spirit possessing Harold continued to harass her for months afterwards, often appearing to her and waking her up while she slept.


Why I’m investigating Haunted Harold the way I am.

Someone who saw my video asked me why, since I’m a medium, I don’t just find out directly from the spirit in the doll what it’s story is. I thought it was a great question.

I am a full time, professional, psychic medium as well as the author of “Communications from the Other Side: Death is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships,” published by 4th Dimension Press, an imprint of the Association for Research and Enlightenment. At one time, I was also a paranormal investigator, researching hauntings, apparitions and poltergeists, first using the standard technology at the time, then as a psychic.

When I do a reading for someone one of my rules is that I know as little about the person as possible before their reading. After all, anyone can read a new age book and tell someone that their loved one is at peace. I like to give evidence, and I demand that the soul coming through proves who it is to the sitter.

Another reason is that as a medium, I connect those who have crossed over to the Other Side, with their loved ones left behind. I do not talk to “ghosts,” the spirits of those who haven’t crossed over. That’s something a Clairvoyant does (which I am as well).

While Kathy’s auction of Harold on eBay was going on, she and I were emailing each other and she told me a number of stories that happened while she had him.

After I won the auction, I decided to approach my investigation of Harold the same way I would any case. I would use technology, and psychics. It’s the same approach I decided to use when I brought Harold back out in June to continue the investigation I stopped back in 2005.

How I Ended Up Owning “Haunted Harold.”

Harold was originally put up for auction in 2003. He is supposedly the first haunted doll ever sold on eBay. The listing Greg wrote made him the subject of websites, and news articles around the world.

I didn’t see the original auction, until Kathy, who won the auction put it up for sale a year later. Kathy told me that the reason she bid on the doll was not because she believed the stories, but because she wanted to learn doll restoration, and her teacher told her that this doll was perfect to learn on.

A year later, after having a number of personal experiences, including the deaths of two people she knew after they came in contact with Harold, she decided to put the doll back up for sale.

When I saw Kathy’s auction on eBay, I looked at Greg’s original listing and literally laughed out loud. I didn’t believe a word of it or the video he posted. So how did I end up owning this doll?

Kathy had a reserve on her auction, and I was curious as to what it was. I kept putting in bids until the reserve was met.

I received an email from Kathy which started by saying, “I don’t believe Harold is haunted, but I do believe he’s cursed.” She went on to say why she thought so, and asked why I wanted the doll.

I told her I didn’t want the doll. The next day I was outbid by someone calling
himself, “Strange Majik.” He told me not to bother bidding any more because he’d
just outbid me.

“You might,” I thought, “but it’ll cost you.” My plan was to bid him up and then dump the auction on him. It didn’t happen that way. I ended up winning the auction.

Kathy was genuinely worried for me and offered to let me out of the deal, but I declined. After all, I told her, a deal is a deal.

Shortly after I received Harold I asked a friend of mine to do a reading on him. I recorded the reading. It didn’t last long, maybe a minute or two, at the most.

“I can’t do this. He just threatened to kill me.”

I was disappointed, and skeptical. I listened to the recording and clearly heard a male voice saying, “I’m going to kill you, bitch!”

I was stunned. I had more readings done, and seen people physically hurt in front of
my eyes while in Harold’s presence.

I put Harold in storage in 2005, only taking him out occasionally after that. This past June, of 2013, I took him out of storage to continue my investigation of him. So far, four psychics have done readings on him, and none of them wanted to have anything to do with him afterwards.