The Blue Stone

The night of my attack last week, Vincent’s mom told me he was half asleep saying I needed to find the “blue stone.” Well, I did happen to see one a couple of days before, and told her so. She was shocked.

A couple of days later, Jane messaged me saying he asked her again, if I had found the blue stone. I sent her a picture of the blue stone I was talking about, and she showed it to him. He looked at it and asked if I found the blue stone.

I sent her another pic of another blue stone (turquoise actually). He again said I needed to find the blue stone.

I went to the local metaphysical store and took pictures of blue crystals. Nope.

I took pictures of a local diner, “The Blue Moon Cafe.” Uh… no.

He asked again, a couple of more times this past week. “He’s really focused on you finding the blue stone,” Jane told me.

Vincent said that before I move on I need to find the blue stone and make a movie about my book. Sent Jane the book trailer. (“Scared the shit out of me to be honest with you.”) She told Vincent I had done it. He smiled and said, “He’ll hear good news soon. Did he find the blue stone?”

“I have an idea,” I told Jane. “Ask him to draw what the blue stone looks like.”

Around 3:30 this morning (6:30 pm, Australia) I received a messaged. “Your blue stone.”

Guess, what I’m looking for today.Harold and the blue stone

Haunted Harold doesn’t want Vincent interfering anymore!

A few days ago I received a message from Jane, Vincent’s mom (not their real names for purposes of privacy). She told me he said, I know Uncle Ant is sad. He needs to tell the story. 

It’s true… I’ve been upset. I went through so much to get the book published, feeling as though the entity in the doll has been fighting tooth and nail to stop me. I knew what he was talking about when he said I’m “sad.” (It does freak me out that he knew that, but it’s not unusual. He’s typically aware of my moods.) I had no idea what story he was referring to as far as the “story” so I wrote back and asked her to ask him.

I received these messages from Vincent’s mom this morning –

Ok was having a chat to [Vincent] … he says the story you need to tell is about the people you are helping. I asked who,he said the one’s Uncle Ant is helping get back home to the sunshine with the biggest smile.

I then asked another question, I can’t even remember what I asked as his answer throw me …he said,’It doesn’t want me to see mummy. It keeps showing darkness so I can’t do it. It doesn’t want me to get in the way!’

I left it at that as he seemed to be getting a bit restless.

That threw me too as Vincent can only draw what he sees, and drawing is the way he communicates best as to what’s going on as far as how I need to be aware of with the doll. Well, I’ll follow his advice. Since I revealed the identity of the entity in my book, I’ll start working on writing, and telling, what I know about three of the four spirits in the doll. The one who calls himself, “Harold,” and two of the three held captive with him.

Larry's sketch

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Haunted Harold – My little “champion.”

Hey… The strangest thing just happened !!! Vincent went to bed about an hour ago. Edward has been up with us just watching TV. He walks to the hall way and says, “Daddy the white puppy is here again.” 

We ask him, “What white puppy? There is no white puppy here mate!”

He looked at us and said, “The one that’s been by Vincent’s door!” He said something about the white puppy the other day but didn’t think anything of it. He said it was on the stairs.

“Larry’s son described Chance as ‘the puppy in the bright light.’ Well, I was wondering why Chance would appear in Larry’s home and not yours. Could Edward be talking about the same thing?”

I really don’t know Hun …. I do know there is no white puppy here, and I know Vincent doesn’t say anything to Edward about what he feels or see’s as far as I know. Just caught me off guard. Just asked Edward. He said the white sparkly puppy. Asked where its to he says it’s always by Vincent on the stairs.”

“I’m starting to think it might be Chance! [Larry’s son] says Chance comes to him in a bright white light.”

Don’t really know. I would like to think that it is. It makes me very happy to think Chance is here with Vincent.

“I was wondering why Chance would appear in Larry’s home and not yours.”

Like I said Edward was saying about the white puppy the other day… but I didn’t even click.

I sent her a pic of Chance –

Larry's dog6

Edward asked who it was. Jane told him his name is Chance. Edward said, “Oh, you mean Champion!” Jane asked me if I ever called him Champion. “Not until he started showing up at Larry’s home. Do you think he recognized him?”

Yes he smiled straight away.

“Did you ask him if that’s the puppy he sees?”

The picture of Chance? …. Yes that’s who he said was Champion.

I believe that Chance is being a “champion” and easing the fears of the children who see the entity in the doll. I couldn’t be happier… or prouder.

Haunted Harold blog – Wow… this really is AWESOME

Vincent’s mum contacted on me Facebook recently with the following message –

He asked me if you were ok this morning on way to school, and said he has a picture for you in his desk … I will make sure he brings it home when pick him up. 

His picture –

Dillon's picture of Chance

“Please ask him what the drawing is about when you get a moment.”

Tried asking Dillon …. He said the puppy is protecting… I asked was it protecting you he said. “No mummy it’s not uncle Ant.”  I then asked who… he said he doesn’t know them. I also asked who the puppy was, but he didn’t answer.

I knew the moment I saw the picture who the puppy was – Vincent always drew Chance this way. I knew who Chance was protecting. Larry has been telling me, and I’ve blogged about, how his child has been seeing a “doggy in a bright light” coming and playing with him. I explained this to Jane (she doesn’t read this blog… or anything about the doll) –

Wow really ?!!

I sent the picture to Larry –

Wow thats is so awesome!!

I love this proof that my baby boy lost his life, but is winning the fight against Haunted Harold!

Larry's dog6Chance2