Harold the Haunted Doll caught in a lie?

Okay, I’ll admit it. I don’t know what to think, or I should say I was hoping that what Linda told me was the truth. Not that she lied. I think Harold did – to her.

I received an email at little bit ago from Linda, in which she shared with me the thoughts that came to her last night that she believes came from Harold.

So much of it made sense to me. She related things to me that she could not have possibly known. She also said that Harold said he sees me as a “father figure,” which I thought was interesting.

But then there was one line that made no sense at all. “He says he doesn’t make people sick, people become that way, but people want to blame him.”

I’ve seen people become sick in front of my eyes in his presence, not to mention, physically injured. It’s almost as though he couldn’t help himself … he had to lie. Which would explain why she says that he told her not to tell me anything.

Both of which makes me doubt everything that was supposedly said.


“I’m dreaming of … Haunted Harold the Doll?”

Let me start by saying that personally, I couldn’t script what I’m about to tell you. Hell, I’m still having a hard time believing it. But here goes ….

When I posted the 4 videos of Clairvoyant Erica Goodson reading Harold, I trimmed it to leave out pieces of information that I didn’t want made public. One of the things I left out was the name Erica believed to belong to the girl who died. So when I received a message today from a woman named Fiona (not her real name) who asked me to ask Harold about a name that sounded eerily similar to the one Erica gave me in her reading ….

We finally connected on the phone and Fiona told me that she was on YouTube looking for country music songs to add to her collection when she saw the video about Harold posted by Virtual Insanity. She told me that she immediately recognized the doll as the one she saw in her dreams on a regular basis for the past 14 years.

She looked up my Harold the Haunted Doll videos on YouTube and watched all of them. When she saw Erica’s videos, she heard her talk about things that she saw in her dreams. Again, she gave me details that Erica talked about that I didn’t post online.

What she told me, the full name she gave me that she heard herself being called in her dream … it all gave me chills … literally. As I told Fiona, if the name she asked about didn’t sound so similar to the name Erica mentioned, I wouldn’t have talked to her. Now, I’m glad I did.

I videoed a session, on my cell phone, in which I asked Harold about what I was told. I didn’t get an anomalous reaction on the Tri Field Meter, but I did record an orb fly towards Harold when I asked him about the name of the girl Fiona gave me.

I’m going to ask Miguel to help me with this particular video, and we’ll post it on YouTube along with the story as soon as we can.

I hung up with Fiona wondering, “Is this the reincarnated soul of the young girl Harold talked about in Erica’s reading?”

I don’t know, but this does add an incredible twist to this already bizarre story! I also know that I’ll have a very difficult time sleeping tonight!

“Haunted Harold” makes a confession!

I found a WordPress website on Google about Harold. It was entitled, “Haunted Harold, the Devils Doll Speaks!”

I found it interesting for a couple of reasons. One, I’ve referred to Harold as “the Devil’s Doll,” for years now.

Secondly, this blog was apparently started on, or before February 10, 2010. It had an interesting angle in that it was written from Harold’s point of view. Also it contains stories concerning Kathy’s experiences with the doll that most people weren’t aware of, but Kathy shared with me.

I responded to a blog post that Greg, the original seller of Harold on eBay, wrote about selling Harold informing him that I not only won Harold in Kathy’s auction, but that I still owned him, on February 20th, 2010.

No other posts were written on the WordPress site after that.

So why am I bringing this up? Because I firmly believe that Greg started this blog, essentially to say that Kathy was crazy. He didn’t finish it after I wrote to him letting him know that I own the doll, and I’ve had my own anomalous experiences with it.

While I can’t prove it … it makes sense to me.

Whoever started this blog (ahem … Greg) admits in the post that the video posted about Harold in the original auction in which the doll appeared to move his arm, is faked, a camera trick (that’s the confession I referred to). I’ve always known it, but the writer (ahem … Greg) admits it.

I have to admit, I like the style that the blog post was written in. I only wish I would not have let him know that I owned Harold until he wrote Part 2 of his story.

There is another reason I decided to write this. While I haven’t looked, I’m sure there’s been an increase of “haunted dolls” up for auction, or sale, on eBay now, since the movie, “The Conjuring” came out. Someone asked me how do you know if the doll really is “haunted” or not? My advice to her was, “Bid on the doll, not the story.”

Anthony speaks about Haunted Harold and the Stanley Hotel

Hi Greg,

A friend of mine found this [blog post] and forwarded it to me. You may remember me. I acquired “Harold” from Kathy, winning him on eBay. This was at least 5 years ago, and I, in fact, still have him to this day.

As a matter of fact, I just had a psychic do a reading on him just this afternoon. This wasn’t the first reading I’ve done on him. In fact I’ve had a few done. But more on that in a bit.

When I first saw Harold up for auction, I wanted him because of the stories Kathy told me about her experiences with him. There were a few other factors, but I’m not going to reveal them here. I may sometime in the future though.

Since I’ve had him though, there have been a number of events that have happened that I’ve personally experienced, and witnessed. For the record, I’m not saying this because I intend to sell him. But I will tell you about one set of incidents involving this doll.

I live in the Denver area and brought him with me to the Stanley Hotel. A number of people (about 14)  heard I was there and that I investigate paranormal claims, and were in my room. Almost all of them were TOTAL strangers. Only one of them was aware of Harold and the stories about him.

I brought him out and put him on my bed. I said nothing about the doll. Someone asked if he was “haunted.” I only said, “You tell me what you think.” One man proclaimed he was a skeptic and didn’t believe in anything “paranormal.”

About ten minutes later they were all standing out in the hallway talking about Harold. The self-proclaimed skeptic asked, “What the hell is up with that doll?”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I felt as though it wanted to kill me!” I didn’t respond, only smiled. That wasn’t the first time; I had heard comments like that before.

Word about Harold spread throughout the hotel. The night auditor working that night was told by another employee, “Go up to Anthony’s room and check out his doll.”

“Why?” she wanted to know.

“Just go take a look at it.”

When she saw it she immediately had an intense headache, an upset stomach, and felt nauseous. I talked to her that night and she said that it lasted for 2 1/2 hours.

I bought Harold because I was investigating “haunted objects.” There is something going with this doll. I’m not sure what it is yet. I work with him for a short period of time, then put him away for long periods of time (typically more than a year).

It was only a little over two weeks ago that I took him out of storage after he had been in there for me than two years. My goal now is to finally determine whether or not there is something to this doll and Kathy’s claims about it.

Not to mention the incidents that have happened to people since I’ve had him. And there have been several, that I can’t explain just now.

Note – Greg did not respond to my post.


How I Ended Up Owning “Haunted Harold.”

Harold was originally put up for auction in 2003. He is supposedly the first haunted doll ever sold on eBay. The listing Greg wrote made him the subject of websites, and news articles around the world.

I didn’t see the original auction, until Kathy, who won the auction put it up for sale a year later. Kathy told me that the reason she bid on the doll was not because she believed the stories, but because she wanted to learn doll restoration, and her teacher told her that this doll was perfect to learn on.

A year later, after having a number of personal experiences, including the deaths of two people she knew after they came in contact with Harold, she decided to put the doll back up for sale.

When I saw Kathy’s auction on eBay, I looked at Greg’s original listing and literally laughed out loud. I didn’t believe a word of it or the video he posted. So how did I end up owning this doll?

Kathy had a reserve on her auction, and I was curious as to what it was. I kept putting in bids until the reserve was met.

I received an email from Kathy which started by saying, “I don’t believe Harold is haunted, but I do believe he’s cursed.” She went on to say why she thought so, and asked why I wanted the doll.

I told her I didn’t want the doll. The next day I was outbid by someone calling
himself, “Strange Majik.” He told me not to bother bidding any more because he’d
just outbid me.

“You might,” I thought, “but it’ll cost you.” My plan was to bid him up and then dump the auction on him. It didn’t happen that way. I ended up winning the auction.

Kathy was genuinely worried for me and offered to let me out of the deal, but I declined. After all, I told her, a deal is a deal.

Shortly after I received Harold I asked a friend of mine to do a reading on him. I recorded the reading. It didn’t last long, maybe a minute or two, at the most.

“I can’t do this. He just threatened to kill me.”

I was disappointed, and skeptical. I listened to the recording and clearly heard a male voice saying, “I’m going to kill you, bitch!”

I was stunned. I had more readings done, and seen people physically hurt in front of
my eyes while in Harold’s presence.

I put Harold in storage in 2005, only taking him out occasionally after that. This past June, of 2013, I took him out of storage to continue my investigation of him. So far, four psychics have done readings on him, and none of them wanted to have anything to do with him afterwards.

Harold the Haunted Doll – He’s back!

But he does have a new website – http://www.HaroldtheHauntedDoll.com.

Haunted Harold - He's back!

This doll was the subject of controversy, speculation, news articles, and websites around te world when he first appeared on eBay in 2003.

I’ve owned the doll since 2004 when I won it on eBay from Kathy R.

In 2005, after a series of investigations, I decided to put him in storage. After that, I would take him out occasionally for short periods of time, putting him back in storage for long periods.

Is he haunted, as Greg, the original seller claimed?

Or is he cursed, as Kathy, the woman I acquired Harold from believed?

Or is it all just a hoax perpetrated by Greg, and continued by Kathy?

I recently decided to take him out of storage and resume my investigation to understand, once and for all, what the truth really is about this doll.


Haunted Harold the doll – the Reveal!

This film was shot back in 2010 and NEVER intended to be seen by the public!

I recently saw a video about Harold on YouTube in a series entitled “Haunted Dolls.” Harold is #5 in the series. There were so many views, and a lot of people wondering what happened to this doll, so I decided to post this video on YouTube, and start sharing my research, and opinion about this doll, with the world.

Is this doll haunted?

Is it cursed?

I’ll be posting more videos, and blog posts, documenting my research and investigation of this doll.