A stunning clue about Harold the Haunted Doll

I recently asked someone, a mother, if she were to put an age on the doll, how old would she say it was? I was asking for a reason I’ll explain in a moment. She told me 2 years old because of it’s two upper teeth. I left it at that.


I woke up this morning due to a strange dream I had. The dream wasn’t about Harold, but I had a feeling it had everything to do with the doll.

Anyway, as I’m laying in bed trying to get back to sleep the question of the doll’s age came up for me again. So, based on the idea that the doll has two front teeth, in the upper part of it’s mouth, I did an internet search to find out when that would happen in a real baby. The answer was around 8 – 12 months old.  I jumped out of bed and started writing this.

In my book, “Harold the Haunted Doll” (available on Amazon) I talk about a woman named Lottie, and how she is a part of the story. One thing I didn’t mention was that Lottie had a son who died at the age of 11 months. Her son’s name was Harold.

Harold book cover

“Can you prove Harold is haunted?”

I was asked on Facebook what kind of proof I have that the doll is what I say it is. He went on to say that 95% of the paranormal claims made on Facebook are bullshit (his word).

I asked what he meant by “proof.” He not only didn’t respond, he disappeared from the the group! [I have a group dedicated to discussing Harold on Facebook. Harold the Haunted Doll – send a request if you’d like to join.]


Anyway, I private messaged him the following –


What happened to you? I asked what you constituted as proof, and you disappeared!

What’s up with that?

I have tons of “evidence.”  Can I say conclusively that the evidence constitutes proof? No. Which is why I wanted to know what “proof “means” to you.

Again, gravity hasn’t been proven. I’m pretty sure EVERYONE on Facebook believes in it. So I guess they’re all full of shit? Is that your contention?


There are a lot of men and women in prison who are there because they were “proven” to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, only to be “proven” innocent later. Much of what scientists believed years ago has been proven to be wrong today. Much of what scientists believe today, will sooner or later be “proven” incorrect in the future.


So, in your opinion, what constitutes “proof” when it comes to the paranormal?


Scratching head

Haunted Harold’s entities, and spirits?


I have had a picture in my head of Harold for a while and made up my mind a few days ago that I would sit down in January, after the holidays, to put the picture to paper…
Last night I was sitting at my desk working on some handmade cards…bright and happy beautiful cards. Around 12;30, after my husband and kids went to bed I got this urge to draw a picture of Harold. I am not one to put my artwork into the form of a drawing, I like to cut things out of paper and piece them together to make my pictures. Anyway, I felt I really needed to carry out this urge so I grabbed my drawing pad, that’s never been used, and went to work. Two and a half hours later this is what I had.
I started with the child at the bottom of the picture, I have felt for a long time that there is a child attached to the doll. Then I drew the woman, I heard a woman’s voice in one of the sessions that Anthony had recorded. The bigger boy on the right, I don’t really have an explanation for him I just drew what I felt this entity is. The dark figure in the center started out as kind of a joker type character, but I decided to just do him in all black because he was not one I could clearly picture, He was kind of back in a shadowy area. The big thing with the horns is what is holding/keeping the spirits with it. I tried to draw the doll, but I couldn’t. After a couple of tries I decided the doll wasn’t meant to be part of the picture and drew the words “Haunted Harold” in the corner of the picture.


Harold's drawing

Haunted Harold and the housekeeper, my Blue Tooth, and phone.

I was talking to a woman on the phone yesterday for the first time and she brought up Harold. I was telling her that I stay in a hotel and had to complain to the front desk about the housekeeper. “It’s like she does the bare minimum in order to get out of my room as soon as possible,” I said.

Even though I didn’t say this to the hotel manager, I wondered if Harold was the reason. After all he is in my room with me. I even put him in an out of the way place, behind a chair. It still didn’t help. That’s when I decided to take Harold out of the spot he was in, with the flap of the bag open.

Anyway, as I was talking to (I’ll call her Sharon), I suddenly realized that I was talking to myself. I looked and the call was still active, but I couldn’t hear anything. I looked at my “Blue Parrot” (a type of Blue Tooth over the road truckers use) and it was turned off. “Odd, I thought I had a lot of hours of charge left on this.”

I called her back, and apologized. A little later I asked if she’d mind if I called back in a few minutes.

When I was able to call her back I looked at my Blue Parrot, again thinking I should have plenty of power on it, so I tried turning it on. That’s when I realized, it hadn’t run out of power. It was turned off.

When I’m not using the device I turn it off. Last night when I turned it off I decided to see how long it took to power down while I was holding the button. Between two to three seconds and, again, I have to hold the button down for it to turn off!

This happens quite frequently actually, I’ll be talking to someone who’ll ask me about Harold. We’ll be talking and my phone will disconnect. I’ll call back and we’ll resume the conversation, and the call will disconnect again. I’ll call back, suggest that we change the subject, and the phone call will be fine.

Another time my phone will disconnect on it’s own is if I’m talking to someone about moving to another state, without talking about going to the state where Harold is apparently from, first.

Recently, I thought I’d do a video of Harold when the video on the phone was malfunctioning after talking to Fiona, the woman who believes that the spirit inside the doll and she were brother and sister in a previous life. That’s when I found out that Harold can do more than just disconnect my phone calls.

Here’s the link – http://youtu.be/0dBL90YMZpU

I tried to warn her about Harold the Haunted Doll!

I was talking on the phone with Linda (not her real name) when somehow, Harold came up. She started joking, making fun of, laughing at, and about, Harold. I kept telling her, “I wouldn’t do that, or say that. You need to stop.”

Since I’m in the Denver area, and she’s in New York, she was thinking, “What can happen?” She kept laughing and joking.  Well, she found out.

She did suggest, in all seriousness, that I contact a strega, a practitioner of Italian witchcraft. to see what I can do to release Harold.

A couple of hours later I started receiving the following messages on Facebook – my messages are in bold print, her messages are italicized.

Hi, been dealing with a Harold inspired incident.

… well I hope it was a good inspired incident… you might want to remind him of his request …. tell him (Linda) says behave…  🙂

Seriously of you need anything, or if I can help… I would love to assist…

How can you help?

I guess you don’t know … R was attacked by Harold.

… sorry was away from the PC cooking…. I really don’t know how I could help, the one thing that comes to mind is pray… not saying if I am gifted, but I do come from a bloodline of Stragas on one side and Santeria on the other…. OMG Anthony I just had to step away from the PC as I was typing big blue started yelping in terror… that is a first… WOW!  He’s OK now, but something has him shaking…. I mean shivering….. WOW!

I have never heard this dog yelp so loud…

 ….he is shivering.  What is this??

I don’t know.

Anthony, maybe just coincidence but he has never done this, he’s so scared he won’t even get up… just has his head down ears back and shivering curled up in a ball…. several things have fallen I the living room within the past 10 min and nothing is there… so what I’ve started to do is pray… what do I do?

Going to catch some zz’s or take a nap, I am not a good sleeper so I can’t say I am going to bed…. I will probably be up in a few hours if I can sleep at all…. as long as the big guy (Blue, the dog) is next to me he is fine, so he’s s going to sleep in my room tonight…. something I never let him do, but what ever has him going has him going (poor thing)… I am fine….

I had the strangest night EVER.  First the dog yelping like someone was killing him, the fan being turned upside down, things falling in the living room…. all that…we went to bed… I woke up around 2:00am with a screaming headache, and violently vomiting…. and then I was fine…. ODD right?  I don’t think I ‘m getting sick because as fast as it came is as fast as it left…

As I was reading this I immediately knew what was going on.

It was Harold.


I tried to warn you.

Oh, I am up AGAIN… been up and down all night… Feel like a little kid this morning, very happy t’s not dark out anymore…. I guess I am a chicken huh? The only thing I was never really scared of was ghosts… but I think after this last experience I have re-THUNK that….

…. bumps in the night kind of always made me feel like I had company… for the first time those bumps in the night had a completely different feeling, didn’t like the company….. and yes you did warn me…
Anthony, is the worse over??? The dog is so big, he has never displayed any type of fear like that, Anthony, he was truly terrified last night… he is sleeping right next to me, for me to get out of bed for anything I have to jump over him, that’s how big he is…. and yes we slept with the lights on….
… I have a fancy plaque with the name and history of the surname “Gr—-.” That is where I have the candle lit for dad, underneath it… that fell off wall and just missed the candle, thank god, and office supplies by the printer.  I wasn’t in the room, but it was like the stuff was thrown off the desk… and again the fan being upside down, that didn’t fall it looks like it was placed that way…

Harold the Haunted Doll isn’t happy.

I met with the founders of Lockdown Paranormal, John and Randy, today to discuss the possibility of them doing an investigation of Harold. Joining me were my friend Camille Massing whose had her own personal experiences with Harold, and Clairvoyant Erica Goodson whose done readings on Harold.

“I’m not looking for evidence as to whether or not this doll is ‘haunted,'” I told them. “I want further documentation of the activity.”

John had an Ovilus with him. In case you don’t know what one is, it’s a device that supposedly translates EMF waves into spoken words (don’t ask me, I don’t know). We tried doing experiments outside of the coffee shop we were in, and then in the back of Camille’s car. We finally decided to go to Camille’s house which was only a few minutes away. Erica decided not to join us, saying that she felt Harold might be more “vocal” if she wasn’t around.

At Camille’s home our results weren’t much better. Then Camille received a phone that she took, walking away from us. Once she did, the Ovilus seemed to become more active. About the same time I suggested that Harold try sending messages to Erica. The next moment we heard, “Sent.”

In the mode that John and Randy had the device in, it was difficult to understand what was being said.

Erica and I were texting each other. She said that she felt that Harold wished that I would just hurry up and do what I needed to do to release him. I talked earlier about taking him to a renowned psychic for a reading, and John, Rudy, and I all heard what we agreed sounded like that psychic’s name. After that we kept hearing what sounded like, “Worried, and guilty.” We even heard what sounded like the word, “evil.”

Erica said that Harold was worried that he might never be released from the doll. That’s when I admitted that I had been wondering what I should do if I found out that Harold really is “evil.” Would I be able to, in good conscience, release the spirit trapped inside the doll?

After all, considering all of the things he’s done since being in the doll, what could he do if he were free of it?

These were the questions I’ve been wrestling with for the past couple of days, but didn’t share them with anyone; still Harold knew I was thinking about this.

The following are some of the text that Erica sent to me –

I did feel weird when you said you were taking him to places other than ______________,

Like you said about more people reading him. He will go off again if you take him.

He wants out. He just keeps saying he’s done.

The way he’s making me feel is it will be really bad. And to hurry.

There’s a lot of emotions with him right now. He doesn’t like what he’s done but there’s something there. He’s just done. I hear him again. Since he’s been trapped.

He hadn’t done anything ’til he was trapped. He’s worried he won’t get free.


John, Rudy, and I plan to get together again to do a more formal investigation, which I’ll video. I do want to thank both of them for their time today; Camille for allowing us to use her home, and Erica for giving Harold a voice.

I guess I should mention that when I picked up the bag Harold is in, my back started to tighten up and really hurt. It’s only now, hours later, that my back is starting to feel a little better.

“I’m dreaming of … Haunted Harold the Doll?”

Let me start by saying that personally, I couldn’t script what I’m about to tell you. Hell, I’m still having a hard time believing it. But here goes ….

When I posted the 4 videos of Clairvoyant Erica Goodson reading Harold, I trimmed it to leave out pieces of information that I didn’t want made public. One of the things I left out was the name Erica believed to belong to the girl who died. So when I received a message today from a woman named Fiona (not her real name) who asked me to ask Harold about a name that sounded eerily similar to the one Erica gave me in her reading ….

We finally connected on the phone and Fiona told me that she was on YouTube looking for country music songs to add to her collection when she saw the video about Harold posted by Virtual Insanity. She told me that she immediately recognized the doll as the one she saw in her dreams on a regular basis for the past 14 years.

She looked up my Harold the Haunted Doll videos on YouTube and watched all of them. When she saw Erica’s videos, she heard her talk about things that she saw in her dreams. Again, she gave me details that Erica talked about that I didn’t post online.

What she told me, the full name she gave me that she heard herself being called in her dream … it all gave me chills … literally. As I told Fiona, if the name she asked about didn’t sound so similar to the name Erica mentioned, I wouldn’t have talked to her. Now, I’m glad I did.

I videoed a session, on my cell phone, in which I asked Harold about what I was told. I didn’t get an anomalous reaction on the Tri Field Meter, but I did record an orb fly towards Harold when I asked him about the name of the girl Fiona gave me.

I’m going to ask Miguel to help me with this particular video, and we’ll post it on YouTube along with the story as soon as we can.

I hung up with Fiona wondering, “Is this the reincarnated soul of the young girl Harold talked about in Erica’s reading?”

I don’t know, but this does add an incredible twist to this already bizarre story! I also know that I’ll have a very difficult time sleeping tonight!