Brisbane Paranormal Investigates of Harold the Doll

In return for helping me while I was in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, I allowed Brendan McBain, of Brisbane Paranormal Research Society, to do the last investigation of the doll before I attempted to facilitate the release of the soul’s imprisoned within the doll that afternoon.

They had never done a flashlight experiment, so I showed them how to set one up and he filmed the results.

“Be careful what you wish for with Harold the Doll.”

In this video, Larry talks about how wanting to help me led to a terrifying vision. Larry’s sketch enabled me to learn the real identity of the entity who calls himself, “Harold,” and the other two spirits in his vision.

Larry was extremely reluctant to make this video saying, “I swear there’s something negative clinging to me.” He told me his life has been falling apart as of late, which is why he looks, and sounds, so exhausted in this video. Please remember Larry in your prayers.