The Last Drawing of Harold the Doll and Me.

Over the past couple of years, Vincent has drawn several pictures showing me being a “victim” of what he called “the black thing.” Here’s just a few of them below.

dillons-picture-of-me-november-18-2016Harold and my asthmaDillon's hate picDillon's drawing of what was mad that I took the doll to church.No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

Last night he drew this picture of me. I can’t tell you how good this made me feel! Or how much I needed it. Image may contain: drawing

Haunted Harold blog – Wow… this really is AWESOME

Vincent’s mum contacted on me Facebook recently with the following message –

He asked me if you were ok this morning on way to school, and said he has a picture for you in his desk … I will make sure he brings it home when pick him up. 

His picture –

Dillon's picture of Chance

“Please ask him what the drawing is about when you get a moment.”

Tried asking Dillon …. He said the puppy is protecting… I asked was it protecting you he said. “No mummy it’s not uncle Ant.”  I then asked who… he said he doesn’t know them. I also asked who the puppy was, but he didn’t answer.

I knew the moment I saw the picture who the puppy was – Vincent always drew Chance this way. I knew who Chance was protecting. Larry has been telling me, and I’ve blogged about, how his child has been seeing a “doggy in a bright light” coming and playing with him. I explained this to Jane (she doesn’t read this blog… or anything about the doll) –

Wow really ?!!

I sent the picture to Larry –

Wow thats is so awesome!!

I love this proof that my baby boy lost his life, but is winning the fight against Haunted Harold!

Larry's dog6Chance2

Harold the Doll’s Hell Hound

I received the following (excerpted) message from a friend of mine who knows very little about Harold the Doll. She told me she was talking to someone who knows NOTHING about the doll –

“Long story … a mother who I know from school , not really friends, but always talk. She was saying how (my son) was a sensitive soul, so decided to tell her how I thought (my son) … sees peoples auras. She gets out her iPhone and says let’s try this … was some stupid app …. (not sure of name ) … I was like yeah right this is going to work , Well see for yourself …… Words that appeared on her screen frown emoticon

Might just be coincidence but scared the shit out of me.”

Read the messages from the BOTTOM UP.

I have started receiving warnings lately to “beware of the black dog that hides in the shadows,” which is often referred to as a “hell hound.” I believe that is the dog that is referred to here.


Haunted Harold’s entities, and spirits?


I have had a picture in my head of Harold for a while and made up my mind a few days ago that I would sit down in January, after the holidays, to put the picture to paper…
Last night I was sitting at my desk working on some handmade cards…bright and happy beautiful cards. Around 12;30, after my husband and kids went to bed I got this urge to draw a picture of Harold. I am not one to put my artwork into the form of a drawing, I like to cut things out of paper and piece them together to make my pictures. Anyway, I felt I really needed to carry out this urge so I grabbed my drawing pad, that’s never been used, and went to work. Two and a half hours later this is what I had.
I started with the child at the bottom of the picture, I have felt for a long time that there is a child attached to the doll. Then I drew the woman, I heard a woman’s voice in one of the sessions that Anthony had recorded. The bigger boy on the right, I don’t really have an explanation for him I just drew what I felt this entity is. The dark figure in the center started out as kind of a joker type character, but I decided to just do him in all black because he was not one I could clearly picture, He was kind of back in a shadowy area. The big thing with the horns is what is holding/keeping the spirits with it. I tried to draw the doll, but I couldn’t. After a couple of tries I decided the doll wasn’t meant to be part of the picture and drew the words “Haunted Harold” in the corner of the picture.


Harold's drawing

Did Haunted Harold do this?

Harold's pinch

I received this pic from a woman named Kathy, who’s been following my investigation of the doll, commenting on Harold’s Facebook group, and watching my videos. A few nights ago she got up to go to the bathroom and saw this on her upper thigh.

After my usual grilling, asking her questions to eliminate the logical, I’ve come to the conclusion that this may have been the result of one of the malevolent spirits in the doll telling her to back off.

It appears to be a pinch to me.


These Pics of Haunted Harold the Doll were Originally “Private.”


I took this pic of Harold last night because when I took him out of the bag he’s usually in, he’s energy felt so light and excited. He actually looks “happy” in this pic.

I took a couple more pics on my camera phone a few minutes later after putting the crucifix that was blessed by Pope John Paul II on him. I didn’t look at them until tonight, and I almost deleted them when I saw this.

Harold with crucifix

Can you see the difference? (You might want to click on the pics to enlarge them.)

It’s a very subtle difference in these images, but the second pic is blurry, or “fuzzy,” or “grainy.” I can really see it on my phone. Its almost as if someone put a film on the lens to diffuse the image.

This hasn’t happened on any of the pics I took afterwards with the crucifix.

My first impulse when I saw this pic was to delete it thinking it was out of focus. But, going back to the days when I was actively investigating paranormal claims I always take two pics and the second one was a little more distorted than the first! I believe what I captured here is Harold’s negative energy towards the crucifix.

One last thing. I sent the second pic from my phone to my computer through email, as I usually do. Once I got the email, I tried to open it to download the pic onto my computer to post it here. I can’t, and I don’t know why. So I “shared” it onto Facebook, and downloaded it from there.