Evidence about Harold the Doll that Made my Jaw Drop!

Honestly, I don’t find a lot of stories floating around concerning the paranormal all that believable, especially when they recount events that supposedly happened years ago. Memories can be faulty things at best.

In 2004, after I won Harold the Doll in an eBay auction, Kathy told me about a group that she was a part of and actively posted in. For me, it was fascinating to be a part of that same group after I had the doll and to read the posts she wrote about her experiences with the doll as they happened.

In 2013, when I first made it public that I own the doll, I found out that interest in the doll was extremely high, so I decided to share what I was doing to learn what was behind the activity I had personally experienced, as it happened.

One of the things I did was to ask a clairvoyant named Erica Goodson to do a reading of the doll. She three altogether. At first, she told me that she didn’t believe an object could be haunted. It wasn’t long before she changed her mind. I recorded her readings on video, edited them to leave out certain details, and posted them on YouTube.

You can imagine how surprised I was to hear from a young woman, whom I call Fiona* in my book, who not only claimed to have had dreams for most of her life in which she owned the doll but told me things that Erica told me that I hadn’t made public! The more Fiona and I talked, the more I began to wonder if the young girl that Erica told me about who owned the doll at one time, and who died at a very young age, had reincarnated into the woman who was having these dreams.

Fiona’s dreams seemed to validate Erica’s reading, but I couldn’t corroborate Fiona’s dreams and didn’t think I ever would. Well, it happened.

A member of my team found the girl’s grave, today. The marker has the name Fiona told me she was called by her “mother” in her dreams, and the birth and death dates also support how old both Erica and Fiona told me the child was when she died.

We found the marker of the child’s mother as well, with the same name Fiona told me she believed her mother had in her dreams.

I contacted Fiona today to let her know. She still doesn’t know the location of the house or the grave. I’m keeping that from her while we verify other things in her story.

‘At least you don’t think I’m nuts anymore,’ she told me.

‘It’s not that I thought you were nuts,’ I said. ‘I needed proof to show to the skeptics that I’m not nuts.’

So why am I certain that we’ve found the right grave?

In my book, I share a name that Fiona told me that she was called in her dreams; but in all honesty, I changed it.

The grave we found not only has the correct name Fiona gave me, but we were surprised to find that it wasn’t her first name, but a nickname that she was called. Her first name on the grave was entirely different, and not at all similar to the name Fiona heard herself called.

Even Fiona was surprised to learn that. ‘The name I told you was the name I always heard myself called in my dreams,’ she told me today.

But once again, the answers we’ve found have only led to more questions. Still, we’re getting closer and closer to learning what’s going behind the activity with the doll. I’m not surprised to learn, the “truth” may not be what I thought, at all, but something far more bizarre, and more mind-blowing than I could have imagined.

*Not her real name.

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“That’s Harold’s REAL name!”

Okay, I can’t say much, and I’ve asked Tonja not to say anything, except I’m going to ask her to confirm what I’m about to tell you “for the record.”

Based, not so much her drawings but her descriptions of the dolls she saw in her dream, I sent her three pictures of real people. She confirmed that she’s 99.9% certain the pictures resemble the dolls she saw.

We just talked on the phone and she asked me, “Is the name of the man in the picture you sent me named, “_____?”

I said yes, and asked how she knew. She said she was looking at it and the name came to her in her head.

I asked her if she’d ever seen the picture before. She said, “No.”

I wish I had a picture of my face. My adrenaline was flowing. “Tonja, that’s Harold’s REAL name.”

Here is her response –

“… without saying much of anything, yes I did talk with you a bit ago and yes the dolls I saw in my dream are exact replicas of the people you showed me, so much so I had to look again and staring at the one picture.

The name of the person did pop in my head or I would not have asked you if that was the name.”


I thought it couldn’t possibly get any weirder…

… but it did tonight.

I just got off the phone with Ron and his wife, Ashley. Ron is the person I talked about in another post who accepted my friend request on Facebook. I made the request based on the 405 “mutual friends” we had, and nothing more. After he accepted I realized that the town he and his family lives in has the same name as the one given to me by both Fiona last year, and Tonja Tate a week ago.

It doesn’t stop there. It turns out that we know a couple of the same people. One of them had a personal experience with Harold that freaks him out to this day!

They lived in a house that sounded eerily similar to the one that Tonja saw in a dream she had in which she saw Harold the Doll. They moved out of six months after moving into it. (I’m not saying that it is the same house Tonja saw in her dream. More research has to be done on that.)

It doesn’t stop there, either.

I honestly hate to do this to you, but I can’t say much more right now. One of the reasons is that there’s a lot of research I need to do based on my conversation with them.

I do want to say, for the record, that when Ron called I followed my usual protocol. I asked Ron and his wife to tell me about their experiences in the house, then I asked them to describe the house.

I asked them what they knew about the history of the town they live in. Based on what they told me I began seeing eerie connections between the town, it’s history and what I’ve learned so far regarding the lives of the souls imprisoned in the doll.

As we talked, I learned that the last name of one of Ron’s grandfathers is the same as the last name of the “children” whom I believe are imprisoned in the doll. Whether they are actually related or not is something I’m going to have to do research to find out.

They also told me that they believe that there was a “maternal” presence that protected them from the evil that was present in the house they lived in for only six months. I’ve long maintained that there’s a “maternal” spirit that wants me to free the children imprisoned in the doll. The same one that comforted Vincent during his ordeal; who revealed to him the name of the demon who really owns the doll, and is now guiding me in my own efforts to end what’s going on.

As our conversation drew to an end, Ron, Ashley and I all agreed that there are too many “coincidences” for any of this to be merely happenchance – starting with my friend request today.

A new clue about Harold the Doll? This just got weirder.

I originally wrote this for Harold’s Facebook community group and page, but since there is a wider audience following this story, I decided to copy it as I wrote it and share it here. 

Okay, do you remember I mentioned how Tonja Tate had a dream recently involving the doll that kept her up all night afterward? (She wrote about what happened and I posted it on this blog.)
Well, she was so tired the next day that she had to take a nap. She dreamt she saw a house with columns. She also heard a name that made no sense whatsoever to her, but she shared her dream with me anyway, including a name she heard as she was waking up. She had no idea what it meant, but it sounded familiar to me. I looked up my notes and it was the name that Fiona gave to me a year earlier. (I explain who Fiona is in my book about the doll.)
Well, the name they both gave me is a town in Louisiana which made sense when you consider not only Fiona’s story but how it matched up with the reading that Erica Cunningham gave me on the doll. It also made sense in that in the original listing on eBay, the doll was supposedly purchased at a flea market in Webster, Florida. The problem is that the listing was fabricated, written by someone who is brilliantly creative.
The original seller told me that he found the doll in his brother’s apartment in New York. He believed his brother bought it at an antique store or indoor flea market in Brooklyn.
I have to tell you, I was driving myself nuts with the question of what does something that supposedly happened in Louisiana have anything to do with a doll found in New York? Especially when I knew that the story about it being purchased in Florida wasn’t true.
Here’s where the story might be taking a turn. I sent a friend request to someone simply because he and I have over 400 “mutual friends” on Facebook. He accepted and I was writing a note to him on his wall when I noticed that he lives in Pennsylvania in a town with the same name both Fiona and Tonja gave me. So I sent him a private message asking if there were any homes there that fit the description that Fiona and Tonja gave me. He said that not only was there a house that fit that description but that he and his wife recently moved out of it!
As he put it, “It was a… nightmare.”
He and his wife will be calling me later on, tonight. I’m not sharing his name at this point because I don’t have permission to at this time, and I want to make sure that there is a valid connection between the house he lived in and Harold the Doll; at least as much as I’m able to at this time.
But Pennsylvania and New York make a lot more sense than the supposed New York, Louisiana connection does.
Like I said before, this just gets weirder and weirder .

“Harold the Doll’s energy was sickly…”

When Anthony U Quinata brought Harold to our Paranormal 101 class, we were all excited.. it was the first really “haunted” object that we had… i am a medium and i was instantly aware of the malignant nature of the doll as soon as Anthony opened the case… the energy was sickly and putrid… the first emotions i sensed were anger and resentment.. after everyone taking pictures and doing the readings with their equipment, we began an EVP session… during the EVP session i began to hear a voice in my head and i began to shake almost uncontrollably like i do when i do automatic writing… this is the transcript of the session along with my impressions:
questions first and then the response i heard in my head..

Gina asked “What is your name?”
-you have to earn my name

Gina said something to the effect of don’t be afraid we only want to communicate
-I don’t fear you

Ray said “I have encountered beings like you before”
-there are no beings like me

here is where the shaking began and where i think the Automatic Writing began
Ray said “can you do something?”
-Don’t make me perform… you won’t like it

Ray said “Can you make the lights go out?”
-i can make your light go out

Ray asked “Do you fear us? Are you afraid we will hurt you?”
-you can’t hurt me

Gina asked “How old are you?”
-i was old when your world was young
-my story began when time started

You began to tell us a little about the 3 trapped souls
-there are 3 you know of
i got the impression that there are many many more…

You were telling us about the priests you spoke to
-those child fuckers can’t stop me
-they are as bad as me but i admit what i was

Anthony Quinata
(720) ***-****
____________________________________ i drew a line under your info

He was quiet for a while and then Joni played the video where the narrator recited Bible verses
I felt that he didn’t like the man saying the verses out loud
-The words of a Barking Dog
-His words mean nothing to me and hold no Dominion over me

A verse was read about Satan being “prideful” and being a “fallen angel”
-God was the pridefull one.
-He didn’t fall he was cast down by his Bastard father
-looking at my notes, it might (and i stress might) be “his Prideful father” but i’m pretty sure it is “Bastard father”

there was a verse about the Glory of God
-He is more Glorious now more than even his father

there was a verse read about Satan being a deceiver
-who is more deciever than one who hides and never shows his true face?

that is it for my notes… i will make copies of my notebook and keep them in my car and the next time i see you, give them to you…. i kept everything the way it was i my notes, including capitalization and spelling errors…

Kenneth Murray

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Harold the Doll Documentary


I’m working on a plan to create a documentary about Harold.

In this film I envision talking to Greg Rivera, the original seller of the doll. Kathy Chruszcz, the woman whose eBay auction I won Harold in. People who’ve had personal experiences with the doll, including Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin of Ghost Adventures.

In my effort to find out how four souls could have become imprisoned in the doll, I’ll interview experts in the field, such as Johnny Zaffis​, Rosemary Ellen Guiley​, Lorraine Warren, and Jason Haxton, the owner o the Dibbuk box. (Keep in mind, none of these people have agreed to an interview.) I’d also sit down with a demonologist, voodoo, wicca and other magick practitioners,

If I’m able to raise enough money for the project through “Kickstarter,” I’d love to fly out to Australia to film an interview with Vincent, Jane and Alan (her husband).

I’m open to YOUR suggestions as well!

I’d love to hear what you think! Leave a comment!

Is this why Harold the Doll attacks?

I think I just discovered an important clue that’s been right in front of me for a year and a half now. Thanks to Lockdown Paranormal.

I’ve been writing about my experiences with Harold in a book, and I finished the chapter about the “preliminary” investigation Lockdown Paranormal did on the doll. I decided to review the videos they posted of their investigation, again, and when I came to the one above I heard something I hadn’t heard before. When asked, “Who are you?” there is a breathy answer – “None of your business.”

It was while he was reviewing the evidence that the lead investigator heard this and was attacked. People have been asking why some people are affected, and others are not. I think I may have just found out.

I was also listening to the “screams” they identified. One of them sounds, to me, like “Help me!”

Another sounds to me like, “Help me!” “Mom!”

I was chilled by what I believed I heard.