The Last Drawing of Harold the Doll and Me.

Over the past couple of years, Vincent has drawn several pictures showing me being a “victim” of what he called “the black thing.” Here’s just a few of them below.

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Last night he drew this picture of me. I can’t tell you how good this made me feel! Or how much I needed it. Image may contain: drawing

My Plan for Harold the Doll?

My original plan when I went to Australia was to meet with the two priests whom I talked about in my book, “Harold the Haunted Doll;” the priests who stopped the attacks by the demon on Vicent and his family. I was going to ask them to take the doll after the souls were freed from it.

Well, I didn’t meet with them. I’ve done what I was chosen to do, without them. The one who calls himself Harold is still imprisoned in the doll, by choice, so the doll came back with me.

People have asked what I’m going to do with it. Will the doll ever see the light of day again?

I honestly don’t know. My focus right now is getting on with the rest of my life.

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Brisbane Paranormal Investigates of Harold the Doll

In return for helping me while I was in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, I allowed Brendan McBain, of Brisbane Paranormal Research Society, to do the last investigation of the doll before I attempted to facilitate the release of the soul’s imprisoned within the doll that afternoon.

They had never done a flashlight experiment, so I showed them how to set one up and he filmed the results.

The Souls in Harold the Doll Are Freed

Almighty and ever-present Father, 

your watchful care reaches from end to end and orders all things

in such power that even the tensions and tragedies of sin

cannot frustrate your loving plans. 

From the Roman Missal

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

It’s over.

It’s done.

I just returned from Australia a short while ago. I went there to facilitate the release of the souls imprisoned in Harold the Doll, by the “soul collector,” Abaddon. My time there before it happened was a literal nightmare. The one who calls himself “Harold” and the demon he serves fought me tooth and nail. But I could see the hand of God in the whole thing, the entire time.

Afterward, my life was filled with joy and peace for the first time in years.

How do I know it really happened? I’ll talk about that later. But I wanted to tell you, “It’s over,” and, “Thank you for support and prayers.”

And to all of my detractors, you can kiss my ass.

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Vincent drew the above after the release of the souls which was one of the things that happened to convince me that what was done… worked.

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“Be careful what you wish for with Harold the Doll.”

In this video, Larry talks about how wanting to help me led to a terrifying vision. Larry’s sketch enabled me to learn the real identity of the entity who calls himself, “Harold,” and the other two spirits in his vision.

Larry was extremely reluctant to make this video saying, “I swear there’s something negative clinging to me.” He told me his life has been falling apart as of late, which is why he looks, and sounds, so exhausted in this video. Please remember Larry in your prayers.

Her Prayer for Protection from Harold the Doll is Answered!

A few nights ago I was asked by a paranormal group if I would consider being a part of a presentation about Harold the Doll which would involve media coverage, and a book signing. Jill Sadlowski was part of the discussion since she’s not only had her own personal experiences in the past but is also part of the group. 

After a great deal of thought, I turned the group down. Then I heard that Jill had another experience the night of the discussion. I asked her about it. She offered to write it out for my records. It’s such a beautiful, and incredible story, I asked her if I could share it with you, and I’m grateful that she agreed. 

“OK, I have something I wanna share with you all that happened to me the other night.

Firstly I’ll start by telling you earlier that day Anthony Quinata, Melanie and I were in a discussion with one of my local paranormal groups and had been sharing some of our experiences with this particular group.

Afterward, something Anthony said about God had stuck in my head and me being me I also worried about repercussions due to talking about H(arold).

I said a prayer to Archangels to help Anthony but mostly to give protection over both Anthony and Melanie that no repercussions come from sharing any experiences.

Later that evening I had said another prayer to the Archangels for a personal matter regarding someone else and then went to bed. I was woken up around 2.30-3.00 AM by a noise so went into the kids room to look out the window to the front yard where the bins are kept but no one was there – I kept looking round and even scanned across the road to see if anyone was about and that’s when I saw something I’ll never forget in the carpark across the road.

Across from my house is a Polish Catholic church and behind the church is a primary school. Right beside the church is a small 60 odd car space carpark so as u can imagine [the parish] is not too big and not too small.

In the middle of the car park stood a figure which was like 7 feet tall (I’ve never seen anything that tall before). It stood still and I could see the outline of its wings on its back. They were tucked in so to say and flat down against his back but very easy to see he had wings and in his hand was what I thought at first a walking stick cos of how he held it to the ground but realised quickly it was a sword.

I’m asking myself over and over “is this real or am I just seeing things” LOL He didn’t glow super bright (maybe cos it was so dark, I don’t know) but he was a dull gold /bronze colour and even tho it was dark his colour stood out.

So here I am staring at this figure in awe and in a questioning way for like 15-20 mins in total and all I feel is this unconditional love, peace and calm coming at me from this figure I’m staring at.

I look over to the bedroom door and then back at this figure ( I think I did this cos I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things). As I look back at it, again all I feel is love and peace – I felt like I was being told everything would be ok and that my prayers had been answered by letting me see him. I knew instantly that things were going to be OK and that all situations would get better for everyone.

I went back to bed but I couldn’t sleep so I messaged Simon – I had to tell someone.

I don’t know why or any of the in-between stuff but I do know when I think back to what I saw, all I feel is love, compassion, and peace. My own abilities, which have always been quite strong, have evolved even further in the last few days since and I feel it’s part of my path that ppl know to keep love and compassion in your heart even when dealing with things like H and helping the trapped souls to be released because it can work like a barrier and block his attacks.

As I’ve said to both Anthony and Simon – Anthony was chosen by God also to help these souls and God is watching and helping and the closer this comes to being over, the more God will let his presence be felt and known.

Jill Sadlowsi

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