“What about giving the doll to Zak Bagan’s museum?”

Anthony, just a quick question… Have you thought about just maybe giving the doll to Zak for his haunted doll collection for his museum?

I know it won’t solve the release of the trapped souls within the doll and I know it may have serious consequences if you did. But at least the GAC “may” reinvestigate the doll properly this time. Just a thought.


Interesting you should ask. I just read about another well-known doll that will now be part of the “museum” that Bagans owns in Las Vegas. Since Harold’s appearance on Ghost Adventure’s Island of the Doll’s episode, I’ve been asked by him if I would sell Harold the Doll three different times. I turned him down all three times, so, as you can probably guess, the answer to your question is “no.” Not because I can’t use, or don’t need, the money. Keeping and trying to find out the truth about this doll and the activity has cost me thousands of dollars.

Personally speaking, an “investigation” has been on-going until recently, but as Vincent has said, “the black thing is only muddying things up.” So I’ve asked my team to stop. Not that things stopped happening. If anything they’ve gotten worse, but I think it’s because I’m close to facilitating the release of the three souls. Within the next 24 days as a matter of fact.

When that’s done, there will still be the soul of the one who calls himself “Harold” imprisoned within the doll. What I’m going to do with the doll after that, I’m not sure at this time, but I still won’t sell the doll. If I have my druthers, the Vatican will take it, and deal with it.

These are two different drawing given to me in the last three days. The first one is based on a dream one of my team members had which has apparently shown how the three souls are to be released.

The second was drawn by another team member in a “trance state.”

My original plan was to keep these pictures private, but I was just inspired to share them with you to support what I just wrote.

The inscription, “1 p.m. Bond We are timely” referred to an attack that was happening to me at that very moment in an effort to separate me from one of my closest dearest friends, and me from God, as well.

Please remember me in your prayers. It’s interesting that in the second picture there’s a man hanging, and I’ve often thought, “I’m about at the end of my rope.”




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2 thoughts on ““What about giving the doll to Zak Bagan’s museum?”

  1. MarkB

    Anthony, I just got an email from you. Did you by any chance send me an email to my gmail account? I didn’t want to reply to it in case it wasn’t. Or maybe was sent to the wrong person.

    Just wanted to be sure it was you.

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