“Since I stopped helping Anthony research Harold the Doll…”

The final night of my research, I have now stopped as Anthony has asked, I don’t know if it was my neighbor’s dogs, coyotes out in the backfield but I heard a series of growls. Normally I wouldn’t hear them growl but, it’s winter and they come closer to our fence lines to look for food and to drink out of the canal out back of our homes. After the growls stopped I heard one very loud bang on my roof over my bedroom.

Since I have stopped researching anything, I have finally had peaceful nights sleep even being a chronic insomniac. All activity and dreams, so far, have stopped for me. 

I had a check up for my lupus and I am in remission. My bloodwork is all good so I am happy about that. Again, all of this good news happened after I reached the end of the line with my research. 

Anthony knows everything I have found out about connections to my dreams and “proof” of what I have seen in my dreams. When the time comes, I will continue to help Anthony but not until he gives the go ahead.

Tonja Tate


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