I Realize that I’m a Prisoner of Harold the Doll

In 2015, when I started hearing from different people about what seemed to be going on with the doll, I heard from a young girl (16 at the time) named Anna who lived in Miami, Florida. She wrote to me to tell me about a dream she had in which she saw Harold the Doll and six people.
She told me that she was confused because she thought there were only five people in the doll. She asked who the sixth one was. A man came forward and angrily told her to mind her own business. She described him as “demonic” looking. Suddenly a huge, muscular arm appeared and slammed “a green door” shut in her face.
From behind the door, she heard a voice say, “His name is Anthony.”
She had the dream a couple of months before she shared it with me. She was reluctant to do so because, according to her, she didn’t want me to think she was nuts.
At the time she contacted me through my website about Harold, what she didn’t know, and couldn’t have known, was that I was living in an extended stay hotel and that the hotel’s doors were green.
Anna is now in going to a university and still keeps in touch with me, telling me how much she worries for my safety. I didn’t know what to think of her dream the time and didn’t for a long time. I believe I do now.
In December of 2014, I was doing a “year in review” sort of thing, and thinking about a couple of HUGE opportunities that slipped through my fingers through no fault of my own. I’m talking about opportunities that would have changed my life. As I was thinking about this I heard a female voice in my head say, “I did that.”
I wondered to myself what that meant. “I need you to stay focused on the doll and freeing the souls trapped within it.” I’ll be the first to admit that if either of those two opportunities would have happened, the doll would have been the last thing on my mind. Now it’s virtually the only thing I think about.
I’ve tried several times to move forward with my own personal goals, and I keep hearing that when I’ve done everything I can to release the souls, it’ll happen, but not until then.
I cannot tell you how frustrated I am. I recently pulled cards from a couple of oracle decks, Loving Words from Jesus, and Mary, Queen of Angels. I asked what I need to do regarding this whole thing. The card I pulled from “Loving Words” was, Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and it’s righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. 
From “Mary, Queen of Angels,”  the card simply said, Be strong.
As much as I fought the realization I finally had to admit that Anna’s dream was true. I am as much a prisoner of the doll as the three souls I’m trying to help facilitate the release of. And until I do, my life will never be my own.
I also believe now that back in April of 2004 I didn’t “win” the doll on eBay. I was chosen to have it. Why? I have a couple of theories about that, one I won’t share just yet, but I will say this – I believe that God couldn’t find a bigger bonehead stubborn enough to see this through.
I do believe that I’m close to freeing the three souls. And the recent activity I’ve been experiencing, and have been hearing about from others leads me to think that I’m right.
I’ll be honest, I’m fasting and praying, and afraid…. Please remember me in your prayers.
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