I’m taking a break from Harold the Doll.

Just a couple of things… if you haven’t read my latest blog post about Mair L Shotto, you might want to do so. It’s a rather unnerving turn of events.

Secondly, I just tried to do a video chat with Melanie and Simon, two members of my current research team. They’ve been helping me a great deal lately, along with Tonja who couldn’t join us because of a doctor’s appointment she had.

I say I “tried” to do a video chat with them because the video call kept cutting out on my end! It worked fine between the two of them.

I wanted to discuss the two drawings below from Vincent. I tried using holy water to stop the activity but it didn’t work, and I didn’t think it would. Usually, when “Harold” is the source of what’s going on when I go to get the doll, I can literally feel Harold’s fear. This time I couldn’t and I knew before I even tried that it was the demon who was causing the disruption.

While we were talking Simon heard his son crying and calling for him. While still on camera, he went to his son’s room and showed Melanie and me that his son was actually fast asleep. When this happened so I decided to call it a day. Before I did, however, we all agreed that taking a break from following up on the leads, clues, and evidence we’ve been uncovering, thanks to Tonja would be a good idea as one of the things Vincent said was that people are, and will be hurt.

So unless something weird happens to one of us, or someone else, you probably won’t be hearing much about the doll for the near, foreseeable future. Personally speaking, though, as I told Mel and Simon, I do expect things to become worse, at least for me, before they get better, and I asked them to stay on their toes.

If you experience something you feel might be related to the doll, please do not hesitate to let me know!


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3 thoughts on “I’m taking a break from Harold the Doll.

  1. MarkB

    Anthony, I look forward in seeing you resume your investigation after your much deserved break. 🙂 You deserve one!

    Take care of yourself, my friend!

      1. MarkB

        Anthony, just a quick question… Have you thought about just maybe giving the doll to Zak for his haunted doll collection for his museum? I know it won’t solve the release of the trapped souls within the doll and I know it may have serious consequences if you did. But at least the GAC “may” reinvestigate the doll properly this time. Just a thought.

        Keeping you in my prayers, my friend!

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