Does Harold the Doll Move like the Annabelle?”

I was asked this question just this morning, but it’s one I’m asked a lot. My typical answer is, “No. he just sits around and hurts people.” 

Then, I remembered something I received from Marianne, recently – 

“Your little buddy was here yesterday evening. Can you please ask him to leave me alone? He didn’t do anything, just scared the crap out of me. He caught me off guard. I didn’t expect to see him standing behind me.

I was getting ice out of the freezer, and as I turn to put the ice in my cup I noticed someone behind me. He came to me as a little boy dressed in coveralls. He looked just like the doll and was dressed just like him.

Then he started pacing from left to right. He appeared to me like a small boy, with dark blonde hair, and light brown eyes. He was clad in short beige coveralls. His stare, I believe, was an intimidation tactic to scare me; however, I refuse to give in to him like that and give him that power. If he wants me to relay a message to you, that’s fine, I will do that, but I will not give him the satisfaction of fear or intimidation. The little f***** is not going to get to me that way. I’m angry and frustrated with him. I’ve been nothing but respectful to him but that doesn’t seem to matter.”

I contacted her, received her permission to reprint the above and asked her what she would say to people who are skeptical about the doll, or want to experience it for themselves – 

“Anyone who has had any type of experience with him knows that he knows who knows about him and what you know of him.

He isn’t some legend. He is real and will visit you in real time if he thinks you have dangerous information about him. Some of his pranks are childish yet others are cruel physically and emotionally. I am just to my breaking point with the little bastard. If he shows himself to me again, it’s game on and I will kick his ass. I’m done with him.

I’ve asked Anthony to drown the little asshole in holy water. I’ve also had him hold the phone to the doll to tell the little mother****** how angry and pissed I am at him.”

Whether it was the holy water or her cursing the spirit who calls himself “Harold”  and telling him what was on her mind, it seems to have worked. She hasn’t been visited since. But, there’s no telling how long that will last.



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