Searching for the Truth about Harold the Doll. Part One.

I want to start this off by saying that the original listing of the auction of this doll on eBay was a hoax. But there is something going on with the doll I can’t explain – at least not yet.

It’s because of these two facts that I decided, in 2013, to go public and let people know that I’ve had the doll since 2004, after winning it from Kathy Radzvilla, who won the original auction of the doll on eBay. I also decided to try to find out what the truth is behind the activity no matter where it might lead, and share what I discovered with you.

I asked Erica Goodson, a Clairvoyant, to do a reading on the doll. She eventually did three altogether. Each one became more bizarre and detailed than the one before.  She talked about a young girl owning the doll.

She described where the girl lived, and how she died. She said that the young girl’s brother was unjustly accused of the girl’s death, murdered, and his soul was “tethered” to the doll by use of ritual magic. I did not make these details of her reading public.

Within days after her reading a woman named Fiona (not her real name) contacted me and told things that Erica told me but I hadn’t made public. She said she had dreams in which she owned “Harold” and how she died at a young age. After she died, her half-brother was blamed for her death, killed, and his soul was confined in the doll.

She also told me the name she heard herself called in her dreams. What she said so corroborated what Erica said that I began to believe that she might be the reincarnated soul of the young girl Erica told me about in her reading of the doll.

Fiona also told me that she believed she died in the early 1800’s. Which made no sense to me whatsoever (I’ll explain why in a later post).

Many people, going back to 2004 suggested that there was a demon involved, or that the activity was “demonic.” I dismissed it since I didn’t believe in the existence of “demons.” This is why I did not take the doll to be looked at by people such as Lorraine Warren, John Zaffis, or any “demonologist” whatsoever. As recently as 2014, if I was asked in an interview if I thought a demon was involved, I would say, “No, because I don’t believe in demons.”

All that changed when Vincent (not his real name), a young autistic boy in Australia came into the picture. Then a man named Larry, in Baltimore, Maryland, and Melanie in New Mexico, had visions in which they described similar things as Vincent did without knowing what the other had told me.

Several series of events convinced me that demons do, in fact, exist. I wrote about those events in my book, “Harold the Haunted Doll.”

In this series of posts, I’ll share with you what has happened in the past year and a half in my search for the truth, where it stands today, and why I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever find it.

Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2


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