Evidence about Harold the Doll that Made my Jaw Drop!

Honestly, I don’t find a lot of stories floating around concerning the paranormal all that believable, especially when they recount events that supposedly happened years ago. Memories can be faulty things at best.

In 2004, after I won Harold the Doll in an eBay auction, Kathy told me about a group that she was a part of and actively posted in. For me, it was fascinating to be a part of that same group after I had the doll and to read the posts she wrote about her experiences with the doll as they happened.

In 2013, when I first made it public that I own the doll, I found out that interest in the doll was extremely high, so I decided to share what I was doing to learn what was behind the activity I had personally experienced, as it happened.

One of the things I did was to ask a clairvoyant named Erica Goodson to do a reading of the doll. She three altogether. At first, she told me that she didn’t believe an object could be haunted. It wasn’t long before she changed her mind. I recorded her readings on video, edited them to leave out certain details, and posted them on YouTube.

You can imagine how surprised I was to hear from a young woman, whom I call Fiona* in my book, who not only claimed to have had dreams for most of her life in which she owned the doll but told me things that Erica told me that I hadn’t made public! The more Fiona and I talked, the more I began to wonder if the young girl that Erica told me about who owned the doll at one time, and who died at a very young age, had reincarnated into the woman who was having these dreams.

Fiona’s dreams seemed to validate Erica’s reading, but I couldn’t corroborate Fiona’s dreams and didn’t think I ever would. Well, it happened.

A member of my team found the girl’s grave, today. The marker has the name Fiona told me she was called by her “mother” in her dreams, and the birth and death dates also support how old both Erica and Fiona told me the child was when she died.

We found the marker of the child’s mother as well, with the same name Fiona told me she believed her mother had in her dreams.

I contacted Fiona today to let her know. She still doesn’t know the location of the house or the grave. I’m keeping that from her while we verify other things in her story.

‘At least you don’t think I’m nuts anymore,’ she told me.

‘It’s not that I thought you were nuts,’ I said. ‘I needed proof to show to the skeptics that I’m not nuts.’

So why am I certain that we’ve found the right grave?

In my book, I share a name that Fiona told me that she was called in her dreams; but in all honesty, I changed it.

The grave we found not only has the correct name Fiona gave me, but we were surprised to find that it wasn’t her first name, but a nickname that she was called. Her first name on the grave was entirely different, and not at all similar to the name Fiona heard herself called.

Even Fiona was surprised to learn that. ‘The name I told you was the name I always heard myself called in my dreams,’ she told me today.

But once again, the answers we’ve found have only led to more questions. Still, we’re getting closer and closer to learning what’s going behind the activity with the doll. I’m not surprised to learn, the “truth” may not be what I thought, at all, but something far more bizarre, and more mind-blowing than I could have imagined.

*Not her real name.

Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2


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