“You better be careful. You know too much!”

It’s been so cold here that it seems I wrap in a quilt and get warm and cozy then fall asleep. I am not one that readily falls asleep at night and never have been. I don’t mean to fall asleep when I get cold but, I do.

I had another dream and this was no typical dream for me, it literally scared me so bad I woke up and cried. I am not a crier either, well not over a dream usually. I had to message Anthony in order to make sure he was ok. Was relieved when he said he was and I mean relieved, you will understand after I relay my dream.

I dreamed I saw a black figure standing in “someone’s” hallway but there was nothing remarkable about the said hallway except the black figure. In my dream, this black figure started to shimmer a bit intensifying in its glittery appearance. This black thing metamorphosized into something I can only call a smirking woman.

As I looking at her in my dream I heard a noise elsewhere and when I say elsewhere I mean a near distant elsewhere. It sounded like laughter at which point the black metamorphosized woman “floated towards” the noise. I timidly in my dream followed it, almost hypnotized by it. I could hear more laughter in my dream as we neared wherever the noise was coming from. I was being pulled towards it like I had no control but to follow this thing.

When the thing stopped in what appeared to be a foyer of a type (I had seen this in previous dreams) with stairs leading up to what appeared to be a loft where if you climbed the stairs you could look over and see downstairs. This black woman thing started shimmering again and went back to this black figure and I mean inky black with a form but no features just as one I had seen before.

As I came out of whatever had a hold on me, I slowly looked around and all the dolls I had previously dreamed of were STANDING lined up against the wall near the front door. I could hear a demonic maniacal laugh as I had heard before in my dreams when dreaming of these dolls. I could hear something say, “You better be careful, you know too much!”

I bolted out the front door and turned around to make sure nothing was following me. I have no clue where I was going in my dream but when I turned around, I again saw the house I had seen in a previous dream.

The warning was alarming to me in my dream and I woke up crying and very afraid. I immediately asked Anthony if he was ok to which he replied, ‘I am why did you have another dream?’

I told Anthony I was writing it up for him.

Tonja Tate

Anthony’s note – I want to thank Tonja for her concern for my well-being, for sharing her dream with me, and for allowing me to share it with you. Again, I welcome any thoughts or suggestions.

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