I’m Close to Discovering the Truth Behind Harold the Doll.

I haven’t been sharing much lately because I thought we (Tonja, Simon, and I) were getting REALLY close to finding out the truth behind what happened with the doll. I didn’t want to share anything with you at this point in time unless I was absolutely sure about the “facts.”

Just now, I started to share a small part of what we’ve discovered but quickly realized that it would only confuse and frustrate you, so I took it out.

Speaking of frustrating… Tonja and Simon will both attest to how annoying I can be with all of the questions I had pertaining to what they found out in their research. Just when they were sure that they found something out, I’d ask them to check their facts again, and again. “This needs to be ‘bulletproof’ if we’re going to share this with the public,” I’d tell them.

It turns out, I was doing the right thing. A couple of nights ago I received this message from Jane, Vincent’s mum.

“It’s ok it will come to you, you are close but looking too hard” the one with red is not helping but deluting (sic) the truth” he (Vincent) was upset but has gone to sleep just made me promise I would pass it on to you.

This morning I asked her to ask him who the one with red is. This was her response-

“Ok asked … he said the “red one” is telling things but not all of it they are misleading you …. you trust them, but it’s not all them? that is what he said 😦 not sure that makes any sense.”

It not only makes sense, but it confirms for me something I’ve believed for a long time regarding others who have been helping me research the history and possibilities as to what happened.

Based on this I’ve asked Tonja and Simon to stop doing the research they’ve been doing. I greatly appreciate what they’ve done so far, but this, to me, is validation that “Harold” has been muddying the water for some time now.

I CANNOT thank them enough.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Close to Discovering the Truth Behind Harold the Doll.

  1. Donna

    Well since I’m one of the ones that have helped do research for you why don’t you tell us what it is you have believed for a long time. What exactly was confirmed ?

    1. I’ll tell you this for now… when it’s all said and done, I may never write another book to follow up the first one, but I will tell everyone who helped me what happened, and what was learned, and how it was learned.

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