“What about giving the doll to Zak Bagan’s museum?”

Anthony, just a quick question… Have you thought about just maybe giving the doll to Zak for his haunted doll collection for his museum?

I know it won’t solve the release of the trapped souls within the doll and I know it may have serious consequences if you did. But at least the GAC “may” reinvestigate the doll properly this time. Just a thought.


Interesting you should ask. I just read about another well-known doll that will now be part of the “museum” that Bagans owns in Las Vegas. Since Harold’s appearance on Ghost Adventure’s Island of the Doll’s episode, I’ve been asked by him if I would sell Harold the Doll three different times. I turned him down all three times, so, as you can probably guess, the answer to your question is “no.” Not because I can’t use, or don’t need, the money. Keeping and trying to find out the truth about this doll and the activity has cost me thousands of dollars.

Personally speaking, an “investigation” has been on-going until recently, but as Vincent has said, “the black thing is only muddying things up.” So I’ve asked my team to stop. Not that things stopped happening. If anything they’ve gotten worse, but I think it’s because I’m close to facilitating the release of the three souls. Within the next 24 days as a matter of fact.

When that’s done, there will still be the soul of the one who calls himself “Harold” imprisoned within the doll. What I’m going to do with the doll after that, I’m not sure at this time, but I still won’t sell the doll. If I have my druthers, the Vatican will take it, and deal with it.

These are two different drawing given to me in the last three days. The first one is based on a dream one of my team members had which has apparently shown how the three souls are to be released.

The second was drawn by another team member in a “trance state.”

My original plan was to keep these pictures private, but I was just inspired to share them with you to support what I just wrote.

The inscription, “1 p.m. Bond We are timely” referred to an attack that was happening to me at that very moment in an effort to separate me from one of my closest dearest friends, and me from God, as well.

Please remember me in your prayers. It’s interesting that in the second picture there’s a man hanging, and I’ve often thought, “I’m about at the end of my rope.”




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“Since I stopped helping Anthony research Harold the Doll…”

The final night of my research, I have now stopped as Anthony has asked, I don’t know if it was my neighbor’s dogs, coyotes out in the backfield but I heard a series of growls. Normally I wouldn’t hear them growl but, it’s winter and they come closer to our fence lines to look for food and to drink out of the canal out back of our homes. After the growls stopped I heard one very loud bang on my roof over my bedroom.

Since I have stopped researching anything, I have finally had peaceful nights sleep even being a chronic insomniac. All activity and dreams, so far, have stopped for me. 

I had a check up for my lupus and I am in remission. My bloodwork is all good so I am happy about that. Again, all of this good news happened after I reached the end of the line with my research. 

Anthony knows everything I have found out about connections to my dreams and “proof” of what I have seen in my dreams. When the time comes, I will continue to help Anthony but not until he gives the go ahead.

Tonja Tate

I Realize that I’m a Prisoner of Harold the Doll

In 2015, when I started hearing from different people about what seemed to be going on with the doll, I heard from a young girl (16 at the time) named Anna who lived in Miami, Florida. She wrote to me to tell me about a dream she had in which she saw Harold the Doll and six people.
She told me that she was confused because she thought there were only five people in the doll. She asked who the sixth one was. A man came forward and angrily told her to mind her own business. She described him as “demonic” looking. Suddenly a huge, muscular arm appeared and slammed “a green door” shut in her face.
From behind the door, she heard a voice say, “His name is Anthony.”
She had the dream a couple of months before she shared it with me. She was reluctant to do so because, according to her, she didn’t want me to think she was nuts.
At the time she contacted me through my website about Harold, what she didn’t know, and couldn’t have known, was that I was living in an extended stay hotel and that the hotel’s doors were green.
Anna is now in going to a university and still keeps in touch with me, telling me how much she worries for my safety. I didn’t know what to think of her dream the time and didn’t for a long time. I believe I do now.
In December of 2014, I was doing a “year in review” sort of thing, and thinking about a couple of HUGE opportunities that slipped through my fingers through no fault of my own. I’m talking about opportunities that would have changed my life. As I was thinking about this I heard a female voice in my head say, “I did that.”
I wondered to myself what that meant. “I need you to stay focused on the doll and freeing the souls trapped within it.” I’ll be the first to admit that if either of those two opportunities would have happened, the doll would have been the last thing on my mind. Now it’s virtually the only thing I think about.
I’ve tried several times to move forward with my own personal goals, and I keep hearing that when I’ve done everything I can to release the souls, it’ll happen, but not until then.
I cannot tell you how frustrated I am. I recently pulled cards from a couple of oracle decks, Loving Words from Jesus, and Mary, Queen of Angels. I asked what I need to do regarding this whole thing. The card I pulled from “Loving Words” was, Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and it’s righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. 
From “Mary, Queen of Angels,”  the card simply said, Be strong.
As much as I fought the realization I finally had to admit that Anna’s dream was true. I am as much a prisoner of the doll as the three souls I’m trying to help facilitate the release of. And until I do, my life will never be my own.
I also believe now that back in April of 2004 I didn’t “win” the doll on eBay. I was chosen to have it. Why? I have a couple of theories about that, one I won’t share just yet, but I will say this – I believe that God couldn’t find a bigger bonehead stubborn enough to see this through.
I do believe that I’m close to freeing the three souls. And the recent activity I’ve been experiencing, and have been hearing about from others leads me to think that I’m right.
I’ll be honest, I’m fasting and praying, and afraid…. Please remember me in your prayers.
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I’m taking a break from Harold the Doll.

Just a couple of things… if you haven’t read my latest blog post about Mair L Shotto, you might want to do so. It’s a rather unnerving turn of events.

Secondly, I just tried to do a video chat with Melanie and Simon, two members of my current research team. They’ve been helping me a great deal lately, along with Tonja who couldn’t join us because of a doctor’s appointment she had.

I say I “tried” to do a video chat with them because the video call kept cutting out on my end! It worked fine between the two of them.

I wanted to discuss the two drawings below from Vincent. I tried using holy water to stop the activity but it didn’t work, and I didn’t think it would. Usually, when “Harold” is the source of what’s going on when I go to get the doll, I can literally feel Harold’s fear. This time I couldn’t and I knew before I even tried that it was the demon who was causing the disruption.

While we were talking Simon heard his son crying and calling for him. While still on camera, he went to his son’s room and showed Melanie and me that his son was actually fast asleep. When this happened so I decided to call it a day. Before I did, however, we all agreed that taking a break from following up on the leads, clues, and evidence we’ve been uncovering, thanks to Tonja would be a good idea as one of the things Vincent said was that people are, and will be hurt.

So unless something weird happens to one of us, or someone else, you probably won’t be hearing much about the doll for the near, foreseeable future. Personally speaking, though, as I told Mel and Simon, I do expect things to become worse, at least for me, before they get better, and I asked them to stay on their toes.

If you experience something you feel might be related to the doll, please do not hesitate to let me know!


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Does Harold the Doll Move like the Annabelle?”

I was asked this question just this morning, but it’s one I’m asked a lot. My typical answer is, “No. he just sits around and hurts people.” 

Then, I remembered something I received from Marianne, recently – 

“Your little buddy was here yesterday evening. Can you please ask him to leave me alone? He didn’t do anything, just scared the crap out of me. He caught me off guard. I didn’t expect to see him standing behind me.

I was getting ice out of the freezer, and as I turn to put the ice in my cup I noticed someone behind me. He came to me as a little boy dressed in coveralls. He looked just like the doll and was dressed just like him.

Then he started pacing from left to right. He appeared to me like a small boy, with dark blonde hair, and light brown eyes. He was clad in short beige coveralls. His stare, I believe, was an intimidation tactic to scare me; however, I refuse to give in to him like that and give him that power. If he wants me to relay a message to you, that’s fine, I will do that, but I will not give him the satisfaction of fear or intimidation. The little f***** is not going to get to me that way. I’m angry and frustrated with him. I’ve been nothing but respectful to him but that doesn’t seem to matter.”

I contacted her, received her permission to reprint the above and asked her what she would say to people who are skeptical about the doll, or want to experience it for themselves – 

“Anyone who has had any type of experience with him knows that he knows who knows about him and what you know of him.

He isn’t some legend. He is real and will visit you in real time if he thinks you have dangerous information about him. Some of his pranks are childish yet others are cruel physically and emotionally. I am just to my breaking point with the little bastard. If he shows himself to me again, it’s game on and I will kick his ass. I’m done with him.

I’ve asked Anthony to drown the little asshole in holy water. I’ve also had him hold the phone to the doll to tell the little mother****** how angry and pissed I am at him.”

Whether it was the holy water or her cursing the spirit who calls himself “Harold”  and telling him what was on her mind, it seems to have worked. She hasn’t been visited since. But, there’s no telling how long that will last.


Searching for the Truth about Harold the Doll. Part One.

I want to start this off by saying that the original listing of the auction of this doll on eBay was a hoax. But there is something going on with the doll I can’t explain – at least not yet.

It’s because of these two facts that I decided, in 2013, to go public and let people know that I’ve had the doll since 2004, after winning it from Kathy Radzvilla, who won the original auction of the doll on eBay. I also decided to try to find out what the truth is behind the activity no matter where it might lead, and share what I discovered with you.

I asked Erica Goodson, a Clairvoyant, to do a reading on the doll. She eventually did three altogether. Each one became more bizarre and detailed than the one before.  She talked about a young girl owning the doll.

She described where the girl lived, and how she died. She said that the young girl’s brother was unjustly accused of the girl’s death, murdered, and his soul was “tethered” to the doll by use of ritual magic. I did not make these details of her reading public.

Within days after her reading a woman named Fiona (not her real name) contacted me and told things that Erica told me but I hadn’t made public. She said she had dreams in which she owned “Harold” and how she died at a young age. After she died, her half-brother was blamed for her death, killed, and his soul was confined in the doll.

She also told me the name she heard herself called in her dreams. What she said so corroborated what Erica said that I began to believe that she might be the reincarnated soul of the young girl Erica told me about in her reading of the doll.

Fiona also told me that she believed she died in the early 1800’s. Which made no sense to me whatsoever (I’ll explain why in a later post).

Many people, going back to 2004 suggested that there was a demon involved, or that the activity was “demonic.” I dismissed it since I didn’t believe in the existence of “demons.” This is why I did not take the doll to be looked at by people such as Lorraine Warren, John Zaffis, or any “demonologist” whatsoever. As recently as 2014, if I was asked in an interview if I thought a demon was involved, I would say, “No, because I don’t believe in demons.”

All that changed when Vincent (not his real name), a young autistic boy in Australia came into the picture. Then a man named Larry, in Baltimore, Maryland, and Melanie in New Mexico, had visions in which they described similar things as Vincent did without knowing what the other had told me.

Several series of events convinced me that demons do, in fact, exist. I wrote about those events in my book, “Harold the Haunted Doll.”

In this series of posts, I’ll share with you what has happened in the past year and a half in my search for the truth, where it stands today, and why I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever find it.

Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2

Evidence about Harold the Doll that Made my Jaw Drop!

Honestly, I don’t find a lot of stories floating around concerning the paranormal all that believable, especially when they recount events that supposedly happened years ago. Memories can be faulty things at best.

In 2004, after I won Harold the Doll in an eBay auction, Kathy told me about a group that she was a part of and actively posted in. For me, it was fascinating to be a part of that same group after I had the doll and to read the posts she wrote about her experiences with the doll as they happened.

In 2013, when I first made it public that I own the doll, I found out that interest in the doll was extremely high, so I decided to share what I was doing to learn what was behind the activity I had personally experienced, as it happened.

One of the things I did was to ask a clairvoyant named Erica Goodson to do a reading of the doll. She three altogether. At first, she told me that she didn’t believe an object could be haunted. It wasn’t long before she changed her mind. I recorded her readings on video, edited them to leave out certain details, and posted them on YouTube.

You can imagine how surprised I was to hear from a young woman, whom I call Fiona* in my book, who not only claimed to have had dreams for most of her life in which she owned the doll but told me things that Erica told me that I hadn’t made public! The more Fiona and I talked, the more I began to wonder if the young girl that Erica told me about who owned the doll at one time, and who died at a very young age, had reincarnated into the woman who was having these dreams.

Fiona’s dreams seemed to validate Erica’s reading, but I couldn’t corroborate Fiona’s dreams and didn’t think I ever would. Well, it happened.

A member of my team found the girl’s grave, today. The marker has the name Fiona told me she was called by her “mother” in her dreams, and the birth and death dates also support how old both Erica and Fiona told me the child was when she died.

We found the marker of the child’s mother as well, with the same name Fiona told me she believed her mother had in her dreams.

I contacted Fiona today to let her know. She still doesn’t know the location of the house or the grave. I’m keeping that from her while we verify other things in her story.

‘At least you don’t think I’m nuts anymore,’ she told me.

‘It’s not that I thought you were nuts,’ I said. ‘I needed proof to show to the skeptics that I’m not nuts.’

So why am I certain that we’ve found the right grave?

In my book, I share a name that Fiona told me that she was called in her dreams; but in all honesty, I changed it.

The grave we found not only has the correct name Fiona gave me, but we were surprised to find that it wasn’t her first name, but a nickname that she was called. Her first name on the grave was entirely different, and not at all similar to the name Fiona heard herself called.

Even Fiona was surprised to learn that. ‘The name I told you was the name I always heard myself called in my dreams,’ she told me today.

But once again, the answers we’ve found have only led to more questions. Still, we’re getting closer and closer to learning what’s going behind the activity with the doll. I’m not surprised to learn, the “truth” may not be what I thought, at all, but something far more bizarre, and more mind-blowing than I could have imagined.

*Not her real name.

Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2