“I think we’re onto something….”

I cannot thank Tonja, and Simon, enough for the tireless research they are doing regarding the history of Harold the Doll.

For years now (since 2005), when it was first suggested to me that a soul was “trapped” inside the doll, I’ve wondered how this sort of thing was possible. Thanks to them, I may finally know the answer.

I’m afraid I may be frustrating both of them with not only my skepticism but my insistence that what they discover be double and triple checked. What they’ve learned is incredible. As Tonja put it, “I still think we are on to something, just not sure what yet.” I told her I couldn’t agree more.

I promise we’ll share what they’ve learned with you when what they’ve uncovered goes from “incredible,” to “credible.” To give you an idea, when they share things with me, my response is to post the picture below. 😉

Please remember them in your prayers, and ask God to keep them, and their families, safe.

Image may contain: 1 person, text


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