Can I Let Go of Harold the Doll?

I find the occult and mysticism very fascinating, but I am probably more skeptical than most as I’ve never had any major occurrences in my life related to hauntings, aliens, etc…
After reading through all of the replies in this thread (and holy crap there are quite a few), I would suppose what I typically suppose about such things: some people are more sensitive to psychic manifestations than others. Such events would “realistically” function in a different, more inaccessible dimension of reality from the ones which we naturally perceive.
Some people are very affected by the doll because they probably internalize it more, and are psychically aware; whereas, several others directly insult the doll (even on this thread) and nothing at all seems to happen. But I also find skeptics to be less psychically aware because they have essentially closed themselves off to the perception of it, much like closing one’s eyes in the midst of a well-lit room.
I have to say, what I find most interesting, is the effect the doll seems to have had on you. You, flat-out, refuse to part with it (even after being offered sizable sums of money) and it seems to have become a key aspect of your own life. I would point out that you have published a book on Harold and also allowed a syndicated TV series to investigate Harold. In many ways, you have likely contributed far more to Harold than the others in its past.
I guess the operative question now is: CAN YOU LET HAROLD GO???
I would be curious to see how you would plan to release the three souls “trapped” inside of it, and I’m especially curious as to the name of the demon mentioned in the Bible. I’m not quite sure I can fully understand these things, as I’m pretty far on the spectrum of reason, atheism, or to put it better, a more evolved form of agnosticism, but as I have stated, the occult is of special interest to me. Thanks for sharing, and it’s impressive to see so many responses from someone actually featured in one of my favorite YouTube Channels.
Best of luck to you Anthony and Harold…
Hi Eric, I want to thank you for your very intelligent comment. I honestly enjoyed reading it.
First of all, let me say that personally speaking, I’m more skeptical about claims of the paranormal than most, especially those of “haunted dolls.” I really am.
I allowed the doll to be on the Ghost Adventures television show because I was convinced that there was something “paranormal” going on with it and I was hoping to learn something from the GAC about what the source of it was. Previous to that, another team of paranormal investigators did a “preliminary investigation” on the doll a year before. When the lead investigator was reviewing the evidence something happened to him that caused him to end up in a hospital emergency room. Since then, they have refused to talk to me or come anywhere near the doll.
Interestingly, it was AFTER the doll’s initial appearance on Ghost Adventures that I began learning what I now know about the doll, and much of it was from someone who hasn’t seen the show. The most important thing that I’ve learned is that there is a demon involved and that demon is keeping 4 souls imprisoned in the doll. These ideas have been corroborated by several different people, none of whom know each other, or were even aware that what they were saying others were saying as well until after my book came out.
It’s the idea that three of the four souls can be released, the fourth spirit is the one who has called himself, “Harold,” in EVPs, that causes me to keep the doll. My mission is to find a way to release them.
How I learned all of this and why I believe it to be true is complicated and one of the reasons I wrote my book. The other reason is that I DID NOT believe in the existence of demons until all of this happened. The crazy thing is that the whole story has become even weirder AFTER I published my book.
I understand why people don’t believe what I’m saying about the doll and what has happened since I’ve owned it in 2004. To be honest, as I said, I’m skeptical about this sort of thing, to begin with, and even more so after going through what I’ve gone through. In fact, if I weren’t going through it personally, I doubt I’d believe it myself. But I’m not the only

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