“That’s Harold’s REAL name!”

Okay, I can’t say much, and I’ve asked Tonja not to say anything, except I’m going to ask her to confirm what I’m about to tell you “for the record.”

Based, not so much her drawings but her descriptions of the dolls she saw in her dream, I sent her three pictures of real people. She confirmed that she’s 99.9% certain the pictures resemble the dolls she saw.

We just talked on the phone and she asked me, “Is the name of the man in the picture you sent me named, “_____?”

I said yes, and asked how she knew. She said she was looking at it and the name came to her in her head.

I asked her if she’d ever seen the picture before. She said, “No.”

I wish I had a picture of my face. My adrenaline was flowing. “Tonja, that’s Harold’s REAL name.”

Here is her response –

“… without saying much of anything, yes I did talk with you a bit ago and yes the dolls I saw in my dream are exact replicas of the people you showed me, so much so I had to look again and staring at the one picture.

The name of the person did pop in my head or I would not have asked you if that was the name.”



2 thoughts on ““That’s Harold’s REAL name!”

  1. Donna

    Did the 3 have to do with Harold? Were they all in the same era?Maybe you should of sent her 10 pictures with only one of them being Harold. It’s so easy to google image search.

  2. Donna

    If she would have come up with the name before you sent her the real picture of Harold then I’d say wow. Once you have his real picture in hand it’s just to easy to get his name and let’s not forget how much info is available on this family.

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