A new clue about Harold the Doll? This just got weirder.

I originally wrote this for Harold’s Facebook community group and page, but since there is a wider audience following this story, I decided to copy it as I wrote it and share it here. 

Okay, do you remember I mentioned how Tonja Tate had a dream recently involving the doll that kept her up all night afterward? (She wrote about what happened and I posted it on this blog.)
Well, she was so tired the next day that she had to take a nap. She dreamt she saw a house with columns. She also heard a name that made no sense whatsoever to her, but she shared her dream with me anyway, including a name she heard as she was waking up. She had no idea what it meant, but it sounded familiar to me. I looked up my notes and it was the name that Fiona gave to me a year earlier. (I explain who Fiona is in my book about the doll.)
Well, the name they both gave me is a town in Louisiana which made sense when you consider not only Fiona’s story but how it matched up with the reading that Erica Cunningham gave me on the doll. It also made sense in that in the original listing on eBay, the doll was supposedly purchased at a flea market in Webster, Florida. The problem is that the listing was fabricated, written by someone who is brilliantly creative.
The original seller told me that he found the doll in his brother’s apartment in New York. He believed his brother bought it at an antique store or indoor flea market in Brooklyn.
I have to tell you, I was driving myself nuts with the question of what does something that supposedly happened in Louisiana have anything to do with a doll found in New York? Especially when I knew that the story about it being purchased in Florida wasn’t true.
Here’s where the story might be taking a turn. I sent a friend request to someone simply because he and I have over 400 “mutual friends” on Facebook. He accepted and I was writing a note to him on his wall when I noticed that he lives in Pennsylvania in a town with the same name both Fiona and Tonja gave me. So I sent him a private message asking if there were any homes there that fit the description that Fiona and Tonja gave me. He said that not only was there a house that fit that description but that he and his wife recently moved out of it!
As he put it, “It was a… nightmare.”
He and his wife will be calling me later on, tonight. I’m not sharing his name at this point because I don’t have permission to at this time, and I want to make sure that there is a valid connection between the house he lived in and Harold the Doll; at least as much as I’m able to at this time.
But Pennsylvania and New York make a lot more sense than the supposed New York, Louisiana connection does.
Like I said before, this just gets weirder and weirder .

One thought on “A new clue about Harold the Doll? This just got weirder.

  1. This is where withholding information comes into play.Two people gave me the same name of the town he lives in, a year apart, he accepts my friend request today, and none of them know one another.

    He and his wife are supposed to call me tonight after their kids are in bed, and I’m going to see if there are any ties to what I already know before I move forward with this.
    If what they experienced in the house they moved out of, lines up with what I know, then hopefully they’ll be willing to work with me to figure out the history of the house, the people who lived it, and what, if anything, lines up with what I’ve been able to learn up to this point.

    I’m hoping all of this gives me a clue as to the identity of the fourth soul which others have seen in their dreams and visions, including Vincent – who says he/she is there but he can’t see him/her.

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