‘I wanted to “mother” Harold the Doll….’


Every once in a while, someone (usually a woman) will tell me how much they are attracted to the doll and feel the need to “mother” it. Tonja was one of those women.

“It used to be I wanted to mother the doll known as Harold but not anymore, not after last night. After my meeting with Anthony, I hadn’t given much thought to Harold at all. Not until last night anyway. I woke up from a dream that terrified me. I no longer want to mother this doll.

I was asleep when I had a dream in which I was dreaming I owned 3 dolls that were in a strange house I had never seen before. (I am shaking typing this!) One of the dolls appeared to be an adult male doll about 22 inches high. The 2nd doll was a female, about 13 or so inches high. The 3rd doll was about 7-9 inches in height and a male.

The dolls kept turning their heads with a look on their faces of that looked like they were pleading with me, “Help us!” I moved the dolls to a much smaller room than the one I was sleeping in. After moving them I heard what sounded like rustling coming from the room I just put them in so I went back to see what was going on. The dolls were not in the position I left them in and in the background was the face of Harold the doll and a deep growly, diabolical, maniacal laugh coming from somewhere.

The room I was sleeping in my dream was a large room with antique like furniture, French doors that led out onto a balcony. The room I moved the dolls to was a much smaller room with not much detail. When I left my room, I went down a short hallway that was paneled in a wainscotting type paneling with some wallpaper like wall covering.

In my dream I removed the 3 dolls from where I’d put them and went down another short hallway to some stairs that appeared to be back stairs that servants would use, very narrow and dark. I went to a basement like room and left the dolls there.

I went back upstairs to my room and the dolls were back in the room I was sleeping in. I again saw Harold’s face. I knew then I had to get rid of the dolls so I totally deconstructed them. Took them apart and smashed the porcelain like parts of them. I don’t know how, but in my dream, I ended up at the door of an antique shop and I went in. On a shelf in this shop sat the 3 dolls I had completely destroyed. Behind them was again the face of Harold the Doll laughing .

I woke up in a cold sweat and had to take a warm shower.

I debated with myself as to whether or not to call Anthony about this as I didn’t know if it was relevant or not. I decided to message him that I needed to talk to him. When we talked on the phone, I told him about my dream.

All I know at this point is that I no longer want to mother this thing. Harold the Doll now terrifies me.”

Tonja Tate




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