A message from Abaddon/Harold the Doll for me.

I received this on Messenger this morning from someone I trust to be credible –

“Ok… last night/early morning sometime while I was still asleep, I was graced with a pretty disturbing nightmare. It’s going to sound like utterly jumbled nonsense perhaps so I’ll seriously try to make sense of it for you.

The whole thing was extremely vivid but very short and I’m already struggling to properly recall it… *sigh* I think I may have fallen asleep thinking about Harold in my subconscious for some reason.

Essentially, the evil entity who considers the doll his property somehow managed to communicate to me one of his desires, which is to use the evil inside the doll to completely affect someone around you to the point where they, not the doll, attack you! At least that’s the distinct impression I got while experiencing it.

The whole dream started out with me seeing some kind of a cloud made up of very angry and tortured human faces (they were constantly contorting into hideous expressions), and I felt that same heavily oppressed feeling I’d gotten the first time I had a nightmare from Harold. Somehow I just knew it was him again. But what I was looking at freaked me out so bad, I was trying to shut my eyes/wake up to get away from it when I saw a very brief image of one man trying to strangle another man with his hands. Both figures were dark and without detail but I immediately knew the victim was you. It was just awful. I can’t explain it.

I hope to God it was just chaotic brain chemicals… but I can’t shake this cold feeling I’ve got in my gut.

What really made this event stand out to me is that I was jarred awake this morning by three very loud, deliberate knocks on my window (which is up too high to be accessed without a ladder outside). I’ve never had that happen. It rattled my nerves. There was no one outside when I immediately checked, and I didn’t see any stones or stunned birds below lol so at this point I can’t explain it.

I debated with myself over even telling you this because it seemed so unlikely, but my instincts told me I should. I truly hope it’s nothing! But I’ll sure be praying for you extra no matter what!”

Janet (not her real name)

Her dream confirms, in my opinion, what Vincent drew a couple of nights ago. It also confirms for me who’s behind what’s been going on with me in my life lately. Please remember me in your prayers.



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