Harold the Doll’s Attacking Me on Two Fronts Now

I woke up this morning around 4:20 a.m. and a couple of minutes later I received a message from Jane, Vincent’s mum. She asked me if I was okay, then sent me the following pictures.


She said that he wasn’t being himself. What he told his mum was that (and I’m paraphrasing here) I’m being attacked on two fronts. He couldn’t be more correct.

Abaddon is in the upper left. He warned me through my friend Ken, a few months ago, that he has his own “helpers,” which Vincent has drawn as an attacking dog. The three imprisoned souls are to the left of the seated figure (me).

It appears that now that the family is back home, Abaddon has decided to turn his attention back on me.

I’d like to ask for your continued prayers for Vincent and his family, and I’d also like to ask for your prayers on my behalf. Vincent had it right when he told his mum he drew me the way he did because I don’t know ‘what way’ to turn.

As he put it, ‘It’s here. It’s there. From every way.’

I thought to myself, “That explains what’s been going on with me lately.”

I so wish that this was over, but as far as I’m concerned, it won’t be until the three souls imprisoned by Abaddon are free, or I’ve done everything I can to make sure it happens.But as my new friend, Susan Louise Hensby, told me just this morning, You know it’s going to be one hell of a fight to release these souls. 

I know. It’s been a hell of a fight so far, and it’s not even close to being over yet. And Abaddon is upping the game.


13 thoughts on “Harold the Doll’s Attacking Me on Two Fronts Now

  1. Paranormal Herald Admin

    I so so disagree with what you are doing using a child to exploit some haunted doll.Everyone knows that demonic can not possess something that is not living the entire ordeal is a theatrical nightmare based on nonsense. and scaring the parents and child is absolutely ridiculous.

    1. It’s not known as “possession,” it’s known as “infestation.” I’m referring to what you said about a demon and an object. Having said that, the demon is not “infesting” the doll.

      Secondly, how exactly am I “exploiting” a child? How am I scaring the parents and the child? Do you have any idea as to the story behind what’s going on?

      In my opinion, what’s ridiculous are your assertions which you’ve made based on your ignorance of the facts.

      1. Paranormal Herald Admin

        I sure certainly do iI know your using a child and selling your haunted doll bullshit. using the child to draw images i also know alocal church was involved,any time you think your pulling a fast one by us do seek some more please. explain to the world all about this.

      2. For one thing, I don’t have him draw anything unless it’s to explain something he’s said that I don’t understand. I haven’t, in fact, met him in person. I’ve not met any of the family in person. He typically draws them, and gives them to his mother who sends them to me.

        Secondly, I have no idea what the “local church” is that you’re referring to. I did speak to a Catholic priest seeking help, but I’m not sure where “local” is.

        Finally, I already have.

      3. No, that’s not what happens either. I don’t “communicate” with Abaddon for one thing. That would be incredibly stupid on my part.

        As I said before, I’ve never met, or even talked to anyone in the family personally. His mum wishes the whole thing never happened, as do I. But every once in a while, he’ll become agitated, pull out a notepad and draw whatever it is he’s seeing. Then he tells his mum it’s for me. Often what happens next is that I write her back and ask her to ask him to explain what he drew. Sometimes it makes sense, other times it doesn’t. He is moderate to severely autistic, so his verbal skills often aren’t clear to her or me. Sometimes I’m able to verify what he drew. Other times, I’m not. Like when what he draws is similar to what other people have told me they experienced, or even seen in a “vision.”

        Until all of this, I didn’t believe in the existence of demons and was quite open about my cynicism to the suggestion by people that one was involved. “Vincent” is the who identified the demon involved. That still didn’t change my mind until I had my own personal experience with it.

        I’m told things by all sorts of people. The young boy’s information has usually been more accurate and verifiable than others, most of whom I dismiss because I can’t verify what they’ve said.

        I do appreciate your question.

      4. Paranormal Herald Admin

        Don’t you think though that, even entertaining young autistic boys thoughts and speeking about demons and the doll thing is a little ridiculous though i mean it has angered folks in the field.Those pictures are nothing more then a boys drawing and his mom spoon feeding him nonsense.I guess what has angered folks was that you have had no issues promoting this case it is all over your websites.Your ideas have been somewhat delusional actually a doll with not one but three demons not likely, most definitely strange ways of thinking I have been in this field for some time.The own said history of the doll differs from seller to seller even contradicting what you have sated your self so people are wondering what is going on there?

      5. Again, never said any of that. If I was relying on the drawings of a single individual of any sort, then I’d concede that you have a point. The truth is that there’s a lot more going on than most people know, but I can’t reveal it at this time. However, I will ask someone who has seen the evidence I’ve been withholding to add his two cents. He, however, had to attend the funeral of a relative today.

        Not that it’ll change your mind, and that’s okay. But, again, I do appreciate what you have to say. I honestly do.

        One last thing, Happy Thanksgiving.

      6. Paranormal Herald Admin

        Happy thanksgiving to you and your family as well since you have taken this article so well i say one thing although I docent agree. I do have respect as to how you have handled it have a safe and happy thanksgiving

      7. Paranormal Herald Admin

        Why not simply tell the mother there are no demons effecting her son and so forth,think about it the boy is already going through what most would call horrific times that being daily struggles of the young boys life.A Strong reinforcement of things pleasing and happy for that boy what ever it may be would help him tremendous.I cant help but wonder what all this boys mother has told him what would an already autistic boy have to think?It is my opinion that social services should interfere here and help this kid. and perhaps even check on the mental stability of the mother.

      8. Paranormal Herald Admin

        so an autistic child is telling you there are demons and it involves your doll your a sick son of a bitch no doubt.

      9. MarkB

        @Paranormal Herald Admin
        I love how you only read just the ONE or TWO blogs and then base your opinions and judgments on THAT alone, not even to bother reading his full story since day ONE, when he made the doll and his encounters with it very public more than two years ago after the Ghost Adventures “Island of the Dolls” episode aired. And WHY did he do it? To clear up misconceptions and misinformation about the doll. His book that he released over a year ago clears that up really well. You should pick one up and read it sometime!

        Don’t judge the “book” only by it’s book cover without reading what’s inside first. That’s like me only reading TWO pages of your very own 300 page book and passing judgement on it without me reading from START to FINISH.

        Shame on you for passing judgement without getting to know his FULL story! SMH

        Sorry Anthony, I will always have your back! 🙂


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