Marianne is Visited by Harold the Doll… Part 2

After posting about Marianne’s experience in which she heard a male voice complaining about being held responsible for what she(?) did, I was talking to her on the phone when she said, ‘There is something else. I don’t know if it means anything which is why I didn’t say anything in the first place.’

She asked me if the railroad has anything to do with the backstory about the doll. I told her that it did, but that I’ve been withholding that piece of information.

‘Oh shit!’ she exclaimed. Then she told me that before turned around and saw the doll laying next to her in bed, she saw a vision of a woman standing across the street from a railroad station. There were men riding horses and horse-drawn carriages on the street. She also told me that it seemed as though the woman was waiting to meet with a man that her family didn’t approve of.

I asked her to describe the woman. “Pretend you’re talking to a police detective and describing a suspect you saw committing a crime. I want you to tell me everything you remember about the woman.”

After she did, I sent Marianne a picture of a woman over Messenger. When she saw it her first thought was, “Oh my God, it’s her!”

Thanks for Marianne, I now certain I know the identities of the faces in the picture below. Not only that, but it may also explain why all of this happened, to begin with.

I am planning on writing a follow-up book to my first one in which I’ll reveal the evidence I left out in “Harold the Haunted Doll (available on Amazon), what I’ve learned in the past year since writing it, how I learned it, and the effect it’s had on me and others since.

Larry's sketch


4 thoughts on “Marianne is Visited by Harold the Doll… Part 2

      1. Donna

        Remember a long time ago I told you his mother was very angry about her son marrying a divorced woman with children. I believe she did everything in her power to stop the marriage.

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