Marianne is Visited by the Harold the Doll… Again.

In my book, Harold the Haunted Doll, I wrote about how my friend Marianne was planning to hold a “Harold party” the night of the doll’s appearance on the show, Ghost Adventures. A few nights before it aired she had a couple of experiences that she will never forget. I asked her if she would do a video talking about what happened, and she agreed.

This morning I received this –

“When I  agreed to do a video for you about my experience with Harold you asked me to let you know if anything happens to me. Well, something happened that freaked me out this morning about 6a.m.

I was in bed, half asleep, half awake, sort of thing. I felt what I thought was Phillip, my cat, lay down next to me so I moved over a bit. Then I heard a male voice talking to me.

‘I always got blamed and in trouble when she did something wrong. She knew something, and that’s was why she never got in trouble. The punishment was always worse when she went downtown.’

The voice was male, young, like in his 20’s, filled with resentment, and very sad.

I looked to my right to see who was talking to me, and I see Harold the Doll’s face. I immediately sat up and the vision and voice were gone. I got out of bed, and to be honest, I almost didn’t tell you what happened but since you asked….


P.S. as I wrote this my blood sugars suddenly dropped from 130 to 49…”

Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2


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