“I was visited by Harold the Doll.”

Amber (not her real name) contacted me through my website asking for advice on how to determine if a doll that belonged to her grandmother who has passed away is “haunted.” She was asking because of strange activity and dreams she began having shortly after her mother gave it to her.

I wrote back to her explaining that if an object is “haunted” the activity typically has a radius of 15 – 2o feet from where ever it is. (I learned this after writing and publishing my book.) That being the case, I suggested that she remove the doll to someplace beyond that distance and let me know if anything continues to happen.

She wrote back and told me that she believed she was visited by Harold, but didn’t explain how it happened or why she thought that. Then, this morning,  I received this –

Just a quick update.
I spoke to my mother, younger brother, and his girlfriend to figure out a place to set the doll. My brother’s girlfriend (who has an interest in these things) offered to house the doll for a little bit just to see if there would be any reactions to the doll being removed from our home. They are going to be picking the doll up from my mother Sunday afternoon. I’ll be in contact with my brother’s girlfriend and she’ll notify me of any activity.

That being said, my husband suggested I go into a bit more detail about what Harold did. Because it concerned him that I was so affected. After learning about you and Harold, I wrote to you, then my husband and I went to bed. I wasn’t concerned or scared after my “research” of you two because I have had [an] interest in things like this since I was very young and have [somewhat] adjusted to reading things others consider scary. I didn’t think anything bad about you nor Harold and just went to bed as usual. I woke at 3 am my time to a thought of “He’s in my room.”  My eyes shot open but the room was pitch black. I heard no noise, but I felt as if this large amount of menacing energy was leaning over me, watching me. It was at this point that my heart began to pound the way it does during a panic attack.

I then thought that if I continued to look around, I may see something I don’t want to see, so I closed my eyes. I attempted to return to sleep but the feeling of someone standing beside my bed, leaning over me wouldn’t leave. So, I reasoned I should put out energy that conveys I meant no harm and was just curious about you and Harold. What happened after was the negative energy pushing more towards me, causing the panic attack to become worse. I ducked my head under the blankets and pressed myself closer to my husband. It was at this point, as I felt like the energy was practically on top of me now, that I began to ask for assistance from my personal guardians, my husband’s gods and goddesses (as his family is [H]indi), the [C]hristian gods, and a few other pagan guardians as I was unable to push the energy back a little.

After repeating my request in my head for a few minutes, I lay there in bed, waiting for the negative energy to leave. It did, shortly before my husband’s alarm went off at 5:40 in the morning. So, for a whole two hours or so I was in panic mode and unable to rest. When he woke up he asked if I was alright as I requested the light be left on before he left the room. I informed him of what happened but waved it off honestly believing that I had actually just scared myself the night before. I assumed I was being paranoid and had frightened myself.

Two days later, when speaking to a friend of mine, I informed him of the fact that I’d sent you a question. He and I then talked about my guardian and made a few jokes before he made the comment that one of my guardians woke him up a few nights prior to our conversation. He said my guardian came to him flashing an image of a soccer ball which we had determined long ago in communication with my guardian was the symbol for removing someone who was bothering me. My friend didn’t understand the reason for the soccer ball as it was 4 am his time (he’s an hour ahead of me) and told my guardian he’ll talk to me about it later and not to worry. That was when I informed him of how at 3 am (4 am his time) I’d woken up.

The fact that my guardian went to him, flashing pictures of soccer balls, wanting someone to get away from me at the same time as I was having my panic attacks lead me to believe I wasn’t paranoid. That perhaps Harold had paid me a visit.

Anyway, I just thought you should know. Please ask him to not scare me again. I am not fond of late night panic attacks. Thank you so much for all your help.

I wrote back telling her that if it really was the entity that calls himself “Harold,” then chances are, based on similar stories I’ve heard, that he was letting her know that he’s aware of her, was checking her out, and warning her to leave well enough alone. I also asked her to let me know if anything further occurred.

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