The Demon Who Owns Harold the Doll has Won… Again

If you’ve read my book, or have tried to keep up with the confusion going on with this saga through my blog, vlogs, Facebook pages, and interviews, then you may know that I’ve learned that there are at least 4 souls trapped, not attached, within the doll. One of those souls now calls himself, “Harold.”

You may also know that I didn’t believe in the existence of “demons” until  I found what out that a demon named in the Book of Revelations apparently “owns” the doll and is keeping the souls captive within it. The demon’s name is Abaddon, and from my own research, and that of my friend, Donna, I’ve learned that it is referred to as a “soul collector.”

How did I learn all of this? It’s too complicated to explain here (which is why I wrote the book), but in large part, it was a young boy who is severely autistic who helped me understand what was really going on. He was being attacked by the entity calling himself “Harold” even though the doll was with me in Denver, Colorado and he and his family live in Australia. My efforts to stop the attack was what led Abaddon to reveal himself.

Fortunately, with the help of two Catholic priests in Australia, the attacks on “Vincent (not his real name)” and his family stopped. The attacks then turned full force on me, and anyone who tried to help me with this situation. Even so, my own focus has been to do everything I can to release the souls in the doll. And I thought I was about to do just that.

Last month, I booked and paid for a flight to Australia to meet with Vincent, his family, and the two priests who helped them. My hope was that the priests (and whoever else they felt necessary to become involved) would find a way to release the three souls, and even “Harold” if they felt it was appropriate.

My flight to Australia was to be this Tuesday. As soon as I booked and paid for the flight, Vincent started acting out. His mother told me he hadn’t behaved this way since the two priests came to help him.

To make a long story short, Vincent and his family are now going to a be in a respite retreat in which he and his family will be helped to learn new coping skills. When are they going? They day I was scheduled to arrive. It’s either that or lose the support from  the government for Vincent’s care. As far as I’m concerned, the timing of it all says that Abaddon is behind it.

It’s been said that the Devil’s greatest accomplishment is convincing the world that he doesn’t exist. To him, this is a minor skirmish he has won. To me, this is the latest in a string of similar events that has happened since I publicly revealed I have the doll back in 2013 and now has me wondering how much more I can take.

Please remember Vincent and his family, the souls imprisoned in the doll, and me in your prayers.

6 thoughts on “The Demon Who Owns Harold the Doll has Won… Again

  1. Gerry (bikerbob)

    Wow! I knew i was behind in keeping up but i hadnt realized by how much.
    I would guess you’ve returned by now. Would love to hear how the trip turned out. My prayers & hopes for Vincent, family & you for this truly wild & horrific adventure. Blessings & protections by all angelics to all involved.

    1. Hi Gerry! Actually my trip had to be postponed! I was booked to fly there earlier this month to meet the family for the first time and the two priests who helped stop the attack. I was hoping that they could somehow stop what’s going on, so my plan was to bring the doll with me. The family knew I was planning to come there but now when so when Vincent started acting out (she told me at one point, ‘He hasn’t behaved this way in a long time’) they had no idea why. It got so bad that she told me her husband was crying one night he was so frustrated. I still didn’t tell them I had booked my flight.

      Then less than a week before I was scheduled to leave Jane told me that she was hoping to hear “good news.” I asked her what it was and she told me that they were given the opportunity to go on a “retreat” so Vincent could learn “new skills” and they could learn new coping techniques. The good news was that it’s normally an eight-week waiting period but they were given priority considering the way he was behaving.

      She told me that they got great news. They were moved to the top of the list and leaving on the day I was supposed to arrive! Of course, they didn’t know that.

      Things went from bad to worse once they were there… literally. During the time they were there, I developed walking pneumonia which, of course, ended the day they came back home. Am I surprised? Not hardly.

      Good to hear from you, as always!

  2. Now Mr.Quinaita and I may not see eye to eye in hauntings. I ,being a scientist do not believe that human energy can transfer into a object.
    Sines shows us that humen engery at the time of death dispersed into the atmosphere surrounding us.
    And can not transfer to objects only atmosphere.
    But as any scientists will tell you.
    Is that at this time the Paranormal is only a theory.
    Now I have noted that a well known child pedophile and convicted kidnapper Evan Lee jensen as launched an all-out attack on mr. Anthony.
    As he has many in the Paranormal.
    Now Mr.Anthony does not deserve these all out attacks mr. Jensen is given.
    For is it not with in the Paranormal field to study all possibilities?
    So before you believe evan Lee jensen please Google his name and you will fiend his documents on line.
    He has indeed dine prison time for being a convicted kidnapper and child pedophile.
    Who raped his own step daughter.
    Kelly Ann Griffin Evans girlfriend as well did time in prison for A DUI that killed a guy and arson.
    She herself has lost her children due to a heroin problem.
    So please do not take these people wird.
    Mr.Quinata and I may not see eye to eye but he has the right to this belives just like the rest of us.
    And who know maybe he will bring forth new light in the Paranormal.
    You never know.
    I wish you luck Mr.Quinata.

      1. No problem there is no reason the field of science and the field of the Paranormal can not work together.
        As we all know both sides can bring things to light when it comes to the unexplained.

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