Is my worst fear about Harold the Doll coming true?

I wish I could elaborate but at this point I can only ask for prayers for Vincent and his family. Abaddon is trying to thwart my plans to end this and I have to admit that his plan is breathtakingly elegant in its unfolding.

I received this on Messenger from someone who is familiar with this situation (I won’t say who to protect this person from possible retribution from the demon.) –

“Spirit just showed me You Know Whos influence like a cancer spreading out once it gets a foothold… That is what he is trying to do… Gain a solid foothold in the physical plane other than just the doll….”

This has been my  fear all along.

Having said that, I’d like to ask that you include me in your prayers as well, please.

Dillon's drawing of Abaddon


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