I thought it couldn’t possibly get any weirder…

… but it did tonight.

I just got off the phone with Ron and his wife, Ashley. Ron is the person I talked about in another post who accepted my friend request on Facebook. I made the request based on the 405 “mutual friends” we had, and nothing more. After he accepted I realized that the town he and his family lives in has the same name as the one given to me by both Fiona last year, and Tonja Tate a week ago.

It doesn’t stop there. It turns out that we know a couple of the same people. One of them had a personal experience with Harold that freaks him out to this day!

They lived in a house that sounded eerily similar to the one that Tonja saw in a dream she had in which she saw Harold the Doll. They moved out of six months after moving into it. (I’m not saying that it is the same house Tonja saw in her dream. More research has to be done on that.)

It doesn’t stop there, either.

I honestly hate to do this to you, but I can’t say much more right now. One of the reasons is that there’s a lot of research I need to do based on my conversation with them.

I do want to say, for the record, that when Ron called I followed my usual protocol. I asked Ron and his wife to tell me about their experiences in the house, then I asked them to describe the house.

I asked them what they knew about the history of the town they live in. Based on what they told me I began seeing eerie connections between the town, it’s history and what I’ve learned so far regarding the lives of the souls imprisoned in the doll.

As we talked, I learned that the last name of one of Ron’s grandfathers is the same as the last name of the “children” whom I believe are imprisoned in the doll. Whether they are actually related or not is something I’m going to have to do research to find out.

They also told me that they believe that there was a “maternal” presence that protected them from the evil that was present in the house they lived in for only six months. I’ve long maintained that there’s a “maternal” spirit that wants me to free the children imprisoned in the doll. The same one that comforted Vincent during his ordeal; who revealed to him the name of the demon who really owns the doll, and is now guiding me in my own efforts to end what’s going on.

As our conversation drew to an end, Ron, Ashley and I all agreed that there are too many “coincidences” for any of this to be merely happenchance – starting with my friend request today.

A new clue about Harold the Doll? This just got weirder.

I originally wrote this for Harold’s Facebook community group and page, but since there is a wider audience following this story, I decided to copy it as I wrote it and share it here. 

Okay, do you remember I mentioned how Tonja Tate had a dream recently involving the doll that kept her up all night afterward? (She wrote about what happened and I posted it on this blog.)
Well, she was so tired the next day that she had to take a nap. She dreamt she saw a house with columns. She also heard a name that made no sense whatsoever to her, but she shared her dream with me anyway, including a name she heard as she was waking up. She had no idea what it meant, but it sounded familiar to me. I looked up my notes and it was the name that Fiona gave to me a year earlier. (I explain who Fiona is in my book about the doll.)
Well, the name they both gave me is a town in Louisiana which made sense when you consider not only Fiona’s story but how it matched up with the reading that Erica Cunningham gave me on the doll. It also made sense in that in the original listing on eBay, the doll was supposedly purchased at a flea market in Webster, Florida. The problem is that the listing was fabricated, written by someone who is brilliantly creative.
The original seller told me that he found the doll in his brother’s apartment in New York. He believed his brother bought it at an antique store or indoor flea market in Brooklyn.
I have to tell you, I was driving myself nuts with the question of what does something that supposedly happened in Louisiana have anything to do with a doll found in New York? Especially when I knew that the story about it being purchased in Florida wasn’t true.
Here’s where the story might be taking a turn. I sent a friend request to someone simply because he and I have over 400 “mutual friends” on Facebook. He accepted and I was writing a note to him on his wall when I noticed that he lives in Pennsylvania in a town with the same name both Fiona and Tonja gave me. So I sent him a private message asking if there were any homes there that fit the description that Fiona and Tonja gave me. He said that not only was there a house that fit that description but that he and his wife recently moved out of it!
As he put it, “It was a… nightmare.”
He and his wife will be calling me later on, tonight. I’m not sharing his name at this point because I don’t have permission to at this time, and I want to make sure that there is a valid connection between the house he lived in and Harold the Doll; at least as much as I’m able to at this time.
But Pennsylvania and New York make a lot more sense than the supposed New York, Louisiana connection does.
Like I said before, this just gets weirder and weirder .

“I was skeptical about Harold the Doll, but now….”

When I first heard about “Harold the Haunted Doll” it was late 2015. I have always enjoyed the paranormal and was inspired by the likes of Rob Dyke, lazy Masquerade and Be Busta to do my own YouTube channel. It was and is simple to do. I would narrate someone’s scary but true story, add some pictures/artwork and I would have something that people were interested in.

Starting out I had a lot of stories to work with as I seemed to know a lot of people who had experienced something strange and frightening. There were stories of poltergeists, apparitions, and premonitions of death. It was going great and I quickly had a decent amount of subscribers. The trouble I had was that I was running out of stories fast!

I needed some new material to work on. With the help of a very good friend I soon had people from around the world messaging me telling me their own scary stories. One such message came from a lady called Janet in Australia. She had a wealth of experience with the supernatural. We ended up having a lot of conversations and one day the subject turned to haunted dolls like Robert and Annabelle. That’s when she mentioned that she had done some work with the owner of a haunted doll by the name of Harold.

My eyes must have lit up as I was reading her latest message. Haunted dolls are really popular, a story like this would be fantastic for my channel! She did warn me, though, that she would be very surprised if nothing untoward happened whilst making my video about Harold. Did I believe her? I wasn’t sure, I am a pretty open minded guy, though. All of that was beside the point, the main thing was that I had a great story to get people to subscribe to my show!

Whilst I was first working on the video Janet’s warning was fresh in my mind, but when nothing happened after two days I pretty much took it with a pinch of salt. That’s when the strangest and scariest thing happened, and let me tell you it was damn clever on Harold’s part, he/it knew exactly how to get to me.

It still wasn’t enough to put me off, though. I read Anthony’s book and learned a lot more about the doll and the forces that make it so terrifying and dangerous.

I also ended up helping Anthony with several projects regarding Harold and am now helping Anthony with research regarding the entity who calls himself, “Harold,” because he apparently lived where I live, in the UK. Every time that I have helped, something new has happened to me and my family. If you want to find out what has happened to us I have left a link to a Vlog I made for Anthony below.

The point I would like to make is this. I see a lot of people that are ready and willing to dismiss “Harold” out of hand. Now if you want to do just that there’s nothing wrong with it, unless you haven’t checked the facts first. Read Anthony’s book, watch people’s accounts on his YouTube channel and I guarantee you will have a better idea of what’s going on.

I believe that skepticism is a wonderful quality to possess – it stops us from being taken for a ride. I was skeptical about Harold, but now I know just how real this whole matter is. Through my research, I have had solid confirmation of whom the entity calling himself Harold was whilst alive on this Earth.

Anthony has shared with me several pieces of evidence that he hasn’t made public up to this point. I have seen photographs of “Harold” whilst he was alive and compared it to the sketches and paintings seen on the Harold Facebook page, Anthony’s book and his Vlogs. It’s spooky just how alike they look! I have also seen sketches and writings done by “Vincent” that have checked out and I’ve confirmed other details that Anthony’s shared with me.

A lot more will have to happen before this person’s identity can be revealed. There are several reasons behind this which I am fully aware of. For a start, this person was well known and has living relatives. And as Anthony has said, several times, “I want the evidence to be ‘airtight’ before I reveal the identities of those involved, if I ever do.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

The United Kingdom


Prayers needed!

Please pray for Dustin (I’m withholding his last name to protect his privacy). He’s been through a series of “accidents” lately. We talked about what’s been happening to him. He wondered if perhaps the entity is behind it all.

He agreed to do a video for me sharing his story, and then I received this –

God have mercy I hate to keep aggravating you and messaging you like this but if this is him attacking me or causing this pain right now please make him stop this pain is unbearable.

I’ve took 2 strong pain pills and mom even gave me a small shot of morphine that they gave me for break though pain and seems like the pain just keep increasing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving full of quality time with family and delicious food that will give you leftovers for weeks! **wink**

Most importantly, remember to be thankful for the many blessings in your life. For your family, friends, food, shelter, and the grace of God that He so freely offers to all of us!

Remember, there is always something to be grateful for! Today, enjoy your loved ones, share stories and laughter, eat, drink, and be thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tonja Tate speaking about Harold the Doll and me.

This was originally posted as a comment. You can see Tonja in a video I filmed in which she “met” Harold the Doll, and read about her recent experiences since then in a post on this blog. 

I am going to be very blunt and frank here. I have always had a fascination with the doll as you know. Many times I have asked to see it and each time you told me “no.” Finally, you gave in to allowed me to meet with you and to see him. Probably against your better judgment.

After seeing him my curiosity was satisfied. As you well know, you added me to several groups that I left. It wasn’t until my two dreams that I made contact with you again.

I also want to point out, that during our meeting you were very thoughtful and careful with your wording so as not to expose Vincent’s identity or his mothers, Jane. You spoke very little of the two of them and in fact, when you did, it was with love that could be heard in your voice and seen in your eyes. In no way did you ever disrespect or exploit either of them. In choosing your words you could tell that you had protection in mind in talking about them although it was little that you said of them both.

I left the investigation world for the very reasons some have stated here in the comments. It’s gotten cutthroat and seems to lack what most teams set out to do, disprove a haunting.

Yes, you wrote a book about your experiences and others experiences with the doll and I KNOW you have not [made]  money hand over fist as some may claim you have. You have exploited no one. How could you when you protect those that are affected by changing their names? I don’t care my real name is used, I’ve told you exactly what I feel, dream or felt with the doll.

I have the utmost respect for you and you know that; let those that don’t understand think as they will. They will never change their minds, [and] will never truly listen to reason. Those affected by the doll know the truth, and you know the truth. I don’t feel exploited, I’m sure others don’t feel exploited.

You have exploited no one, how could you when you protect those that are affected by changing their names. I don’t care my real name is used, I tell you exactly what I feel, dream or felt with the doll. It is for me what it is as far as my name. I have the utmost respect for you and you know that, let those that don’t understand think as they will, they will never change their minds, will never truly listen to reason. Those affected by the doll know the truth, you know the truth, and I don’t feel exploited, I’m sure others don’t feel exploited.

You ask if others stories can be told and without permission, you leave those stories untold. That can hardly be called EXPLOITATION!

You always had my prayers and I will continue to pray for you, Vincent and Jane.

Tonja Tate