My first interview about Harold the Doll in months, and…

my most candid to date!


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“Harold the Doll ruined my life!”

My name is Diane and I’m here to tell you how Anthony’s doll ruined my life.

First, let me say I’ve disliked the thing since the moment I saw it, which was shortly after he acquired it. I haven’t used its name since then and I won’t to this very day! I won’t read about it, watch video about it, absolutely nothing. I avoid that thing like the plague. So it was extremely unusual that I decided to listen to Anthony’s interview this morning.

I don’t know what drew me into listening at all. Like I said, I ignore everything about the damn thing! In the beginning of the interview, Anthony was discussing the history of the doll. I had almost no knowledge of it. I never cared to know.

He brought up how it had caused back problems with a number of people, and a deep chill ran down my spine. I had never known this, and I was the one who did the tarot reading on it that he mentions, so I am one of the few people who have touched it. I began having back problems within that same period of time. They have continued since then, gradually worsening to the point that I had to give up working and go on disability.

Currently I am under the care of a pain specialist and have been for a couple of years. My back pain is chronic,and has a significant effect on my quality of life. There is never a moment that I’m not in pain, even with heavy pain medication. I was diagnosed with a rare form of degenerative disc disease. The discs that are in my middle back, which are attached to the ribs, are degenerating. These particular discs so not move as they’re attached so it’s very rare to see this disease in that part of the back. There is no surgery, treatment or cure. The only thing they can do is try to manage the agonizing pain. My doctor has told me that it’s a real possibility that I’ll end up in a wheelchair.

Here’s the kicker. I’ve never injured my back. I never had a history of back problems whatsoever and I did not work in an industry where back problems were even an issue!

After hearing the interview this morning, I’m convinced that devil doll from hell caused this, and that’s how he ruined my entire life!

Diane Padilla


Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2Harold High Resolution Back Cover 2