Could this have been because of Harold the Doll?

I’m just curious about something, and if you think it’s a totally bad idea, just tell me—but I wonder if you would mind asking Harold if he knows who I am? I’m honestly just wondering because I don’t think there’s any way any of the spirits inside the doll would know me, but I’ve been having nightmares ever since I commented on your Vlog about him.

Before I answer you, I’d like to ask what kind of nightmares? Are you okay?

Well, they didn’t have Harold in them per se, but yesterday when I was taking an afternoon nap (taking advantage of my kid’s nap time lol). I thought I was waking up from it because I was in my room on my bed right where I’d fallen asleep, but for some reason I just could not move or speak, and while I was trying force myself to fully wake up, I could barely get my eyes to open, it felt like someone was sitting on my chest and smothering me. It triggered a panic response in me because I have been plagued by evil entities ever since I was a very young child.

Anthony’s note – My first thought when I read this was that it was a simple case of “sleep paralysis,” or “The Old Hag Phenomena.”

I started praying inside my head because I could not speak, and the oppressive feeling lightened enough for me to get off my bed and go check on my kids (who I suddenly felt worry over). My son was awake in his room crying, saying he’d seen a scary man, and my 2 year old daughter was also in tears.

I’m Jewish by religion, so I keep a prayer shawl with me at all times, and I remember vividly wrapping myself and them in it while praying aloud for deliverance at which point I promptly snapped awake, the whole nightmare ended and I realized with no small amount of shock that I’d been asleep, dreaming the whole time. I freaked out even more then, because it had been so very real and vivid!

My bedroom was ice cold. Not gonna lie, I’ve been kinda scared to fall asleep ever since.

To answer your question, as to whether being aware of “Harold” means it’s aware of you, my experience is that the answer is “yes.” The question I don’t have a good answer to is, “Why does it attack some people and not others?” The only answer I can come up with is that the entity or the demon seem to pick and choose. There is an intelligence to what’s going on.

I understand. And honestly, it’s not the first time I’ve experienced attacks but I can say without a doubt I’ve never experienced it on that level before. It just scared the day lights out of me! I feel maybe it was backlash for me calling the demons/spirits in Harold ugly and hateful. Not your fault, don’t be sorry! I’m a big girl lol, but it absolutely has been the first and most frightening thing that has happened to me in about 8 years now! I felt like it was playing on my most deeply rooted fears.

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