A new threat from the demon that owns Harold the Doll?

A few days ago, after I had one of the worst asthma attacks I’ve had in years, Vincent asked his mum to contact me saying that someone is telling me a “non truth (his words).”
She asked him to draw what he meant. He started to, but didn’t finish it. He’s since either hidden it, or destroyed it. He won’t tell her which. Which, in my experience, tells me that he got in trouble with “the black cloud” for drawing it.
He drew the one below yesterday (Sunday). I don’t think she asked him what it means. She typically doesn’t want to know. 😦
I have no idea what to make of it. I thought I’d share it with you for your thoughts. I suggest that you enlarge it. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.
If you don’t know who Vincent is, please click on the link below –
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This is who REALLY owns Harold the Doll!

I had recently decided, in fact I thought about it again just today, not to post anymore blogs or vlogs regarding Harold the Doll. I chose not to do so because, to be honest, I’ve got so much going on with trying to get my own life back on track. Harold has had such a negative effect on my life, I was thinking if I would just ignore the whole thing for a while….

If you’ve read my book, you know that I didn’t believe in “demons,” or the “demonic” until after I began my search for the truth about what was causing the activity seemingly associated with the doll. I mean, people around the world would write to me telling me about feeling ill, getting headaches, backaches, etc., after simply looking at a picture of the doll. Some people claimed to experience even more dramatic “attacks,” such as vomiting blood, or ending up in a hospital emergency room.

I didn’t think too much about it until I was told that a “haunting” would have an effect from 15 to 20 feet around the doll. Again, I was hearing from people around the globe.

Some people suggested there was a “demon” involved and that I take the doll to a “demonologist,” such as Lorraine Warren. I would dismiss the idea because, one, as I said before, I didn’t believe in demons, and two, it seemed to me to be a foregone conclusion that a demonologist would declare that a demon is at work, and that I should give the doll to them. Yeah, right.

As I mentioned before, I freely talk about, in my book, how I learned that not only is there a demon involved, but it is named in the Bible, and it owns the doll, not me. I also revealed it’s name.

Recently, I’ve toyed with the idea of making it’s name “public.” I went back and forth about it, and decided against it, until now. What made me change my mind?

I received this message, just this morning from Larry, whom I talk about in my book. He had a vision which he shared with me. I asked him to draw what he saw. He did, and shared it with me. He then had a professional sketch artist draw a better picture. Using the artist’s sketch, I was able to, I believe, identify three of the four souls imprisoned in the doll. (I believe I’ve identified the fourth soul since.) I provide both of the drawings in my book as “evidence.”

Larry and I talked on the phone and over Skype once before, but other than that, we have never met face to face. Most of our communication has been sporadic, and over Facebook Messenger. This is what he sent me this morning –

I’ve been having crazy dreams all consist of tragic events happening. I was reading my bible the other day I was in Acts chapter 12. I set my Bible down on my table with it still open on acts where I last left off, I went to get [my son] off the bus. No-one else was here. When I got back in maybe 10 mins tops my Bible was still open, but wasn’t on Acts anymore; it was on page 866 (for my Bible) and it was on Revelation 9.
Larry's Bible
It was set that the very first passage on that page was Revelation 9:9-11. But the first word that stood out to me was Abaddon. Like everything was blurred out to me but that word/name. It was the only word I could read for about three seconds, then suddenly, I could read everything clearly. 
I’m constantly having things moved from where I put them, and I feel like I’m being stared down 24/7.
 I wrote back to him and asked him if he had read my book yet, considering I wrote about him and his vision in it.
No I haven’t. Things have been tough financially for awhile so haven’t purchased much of anything. But I plan on getting it. I ordered it once but had issues never received it had it canceled but hadn’t reordered it yet.
“What do you know about Revelations 9 and what it has to do with Vincent?” I wrote back.
Oh yeah I think I remember you saying something about him writing a name down that was a demon mentioned in the bible. But that’s the only thing I remember you mentioning now that you said something.Dillon's drawing of Abaddon
I asked him to call me, which he did, and we talked for about 35 minutes. He talked about his dreams, and how in them he kept seeing death and destruction. I grilled him about what happened with his Bible.
As we were talking, I came to the conclusion that I’d been wondering, and praying about, revealing the demon’s name publicly, outside my book. I decided, and told Larry this, that I thought it was God’s way of telling me to go ahead and do so.
For Larry’s protection, as well as that of his wife, and son, I asked him to back away from having anything to do with Harold for the time being, until I get this resolved. He agreed.
So now you know what I know… who really owns the doll. What I still don’t know is what this all means.
As a side note, last night I had the worst asthma attack I can remember having since I was a child. More than once I wondered if I should go to the emergency room, it was so bad. As suddenly as it came, it finally eased up @ 5:30 a.m. this morning.
While I was talking to Larry, I noticed that my chest was still tight, and that I was wheezing. As I was writing the last paragraph, I realized that I could breathe freely again.
The last time I had an attack almost as severe as the one I had last night, Vincent’s mum messaged me on Facebook telling me that he was crying and calling out my name. I asked her to ask him to draw what was upsetting him. Apparently, it was Abaddon who was causing the attack that night.
 Harold and my asthma
I now think it was behind the attack I had last night as well. An attack so severe, I wondered, more than once, if I would die because of it.
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