I’m ready to be done with Harold the Doll

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. It seems as though when I think I have the answers, they only lead to more questions. Which is why I tried to connect with a “demonologist” to begin with. To see if what I’m thinking is even possible and if how.

The problem is that most of them have no idea so they give me a lot of bluster, and not a lot of answers. One guy, whom I won’t name, suggested I simply put the doll somewhere outside of my home, and that’ll take care of things until he does an “exorcism” from whatever state he’s in.

Seriously? Okay, I do know where he’s coming from… one of the characteristics of a “haunting” is that the activity is confined to a 15 – 20 feet of the source of the activity. In other words, he thought he was dealing with an “angry ghost.” Not what I’m actually dealing with.

Both the entity and demon have apparently attacked people around the United States, South America, Canada, England, Europe, and Australia. Putting it outside and closing the door is going to end things for me?

Since bringing the doll out of storage, and letting it be known that I own it, I’ve spent the last three years trying to understand what was going with it. Once I found the answer to that question, I wanted to know why this happened and how it happened.

I honestly thought I knew, but after doing a little research today, I’m now thinking that I’ll never really know. There are too many versions to the same story. And it’s only one of the stories.

Harold cover photo

As I was saying, for every answer, there’s just more questions. At this point, I have just one – how do I bring this to an end, and release the souls imprisoned in the doll?

Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2Harold High Resolution Back Cover 2



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