Is a Showdown with Harold the Doll Coming?

I’m posting this for the record, because there’s a date on the bottom of this picture.

Dillon's last painting

There’s a lot to this story and why he painted it that I won’t go into here, but I received it this morning, from his mum. The date is not September 17, 2015, but apparently, September 17, 2016. When asked about it, he said it’s important. He didn’t say why.

My friend Ken Murray, on occasion, receives messages from Harold to pass onto me. Why Ken? It’s something neither of us understands. Recently, Ken told me that when “Harold” came to him, he seemed to be weaker. His power was diminished in some way, and he asked me what I was doing that might have caused this to happen.

This picture may explain why. Here are excerpts from his mum’s messages to me, regarding it –

“… he pointed to the middle figure at bottom saying it’s friend isn’t what it looks like.” 

“It” being the black thing (the demon) at the top of the drawing.

Vincent said, “… the black thing is in charge, it’s hiding but still making the others do nasty things.”

“Asked if (he’s confirmed for me the identity of the four souls imprisoned in the doll, she asked if the woman on the bottom was one of them) …… He started to sob ….. “No mummy it’s not nice it pretends to be others ” 

In a previous picture Vincent drew, he drew the same “woman” in the bottom (middle) of this picture, saying “The black thing has a new bestie.”Harold's new bestie

In the picture his mum sent this morning, the figure in the upper left is “Harold.” Apparently, that explains why Ken thought his power was diminished. It seems his role has been reduced, and a “woman” has been given power. Which would explain what Melanie Blystra saw in her dream –

Harold's minions

I’ll tell you what I think this all means.

I now know the identities of the four “stars” in this painting as well as the name of the “black blob.”

Dillon's painting2

Because of this, apparently, the demon is upset. I’ve long said that every time Harold does something, it tips his hand; I get closer to knowing the truth. That’s exactly what’s happened.

Now that I know all of this, the demon has someone else doing it’s will.

Vincent’s mum wrote, “... he’s saying it’s tricking.  The black thing is going to hurt, …”  His mum later wrote, “Scared me when Vincent said the black thing is going to hurt …. His face changed.”

“,,, he didn’t say who it was going to hurt?” I wrote back.

“No …. He just said the black thing is going to hurt … But his face changed to upset / scared …”

I inferred that Vincent wasn’t allowed to say who was going to be hurt.

The good news is that Vincent’s role in this is done.

For me, the fight has only just begun. I think a showdown is coming, and it may happen on September 17, 2016.

I’m hoping to get my life back when it’s over.

Please pray for me.




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