Is the demon still making good on his threat?

A few weeks ago I heard from my friend Ken that he believed that the demon that owns the doll cane to and was threatening not only me, but others. I posted about it. Here’s portions of that post –

‘hey there…. i just got another message for you from you know who…. it reads “Anthony, Anthony, Anthony…. again we dance the dance???? do you know how many there have been before you??? and how many there will be after you???? you and your helpers… they will be dealt with in time…. tell “vincent” that i will pay special attention to him soon…. tell Dustin that he can’t stop me…”

he says that no matter what you all do, he will never give up what is his…. you cannot stop him… others have tried and failed…

tell your friends to be on guard… he just said ‘enough about me… tonight it is going to be about one of the meddlers helpers… i will come back and let you know…’

With everything that’s been going on with me personally, lately, I began thinking about the others who have helped me along the way, grateful nothing had happened to them. Then I saw this on Facebook, posted by my friend Melanie, who created these after seeing them in different visions –

Harold cover photoHarold's minionsMelanies vision


I think I just need to sit and stay there…last week, Wednesday, I put my hip out going down my steps. My hip going out pulled the muscles in my back…and I keep pulling it. Saturday my left ankle rolled while I was at the grocery store. Thank goodness I was holding onto a grocery cart or I would have fallen. The ankle twist hurt my back more. I have been ok since Saturday, just taking it easy I was starting to feel better until this morning when I tripped over Linus when I was walking out the front door. Ugh! Ouch!

I wondered if she thought it might have something to do with the demon, and messaged her. Here is her response –

I had a dream last week, on Monday morning, that something invisible was chasing me through a house grabbing me. I don’t recall everything that happened in the dream but I do remember it grabbing my feet, legs, back and shoulders. I was running from whatever it was.

What do you think? Let me know in a comment.


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