Latest review of “Harold the Haunted Doll” book.

42 reviews of my book (that I’m aware of), 39 of them are 5 ☆s! Here’s the most recent one (from –

“I actually stumbled onto this book by accident…or did i?

It all started out with me watching ‘Top5s Extremely Creepy Cursed Dolls’ video on Youtube, i highly recommended channel if you’re into all things paranormal. The author of this book, Anthony Quinata, left comments on that video sharing his story of the doll. I was intriged after seeing the video and his posts and went straight to buy his book and i was not disappointed.

A must say i was totally engrossed and entertained by his story that i couldn’t put the book down! I read this in 2 days which very rare for me to do. Anthony has done a good job of keeping the reader interested in what piece of puzzle was unearthed next. It was a really eerie and frightening read. Who knows it if really happend but who cares…you won’t be disappointed.”


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