If I think about Harold the Doll, he will come?

I’m in transition, again, and my dog Bentley and I are staying at a friend’s apartment for a couple of days. It’s a brand new building, and I love the location, but it’s a bit too noisy for me. LOL

Earlier this morning I was commenting on a post in a paranormal group how “back in the day” things were different than they are now. At least they were for me. I didn’t “investigate” cemeteries, abandoned buildings, or reputedly haunted locations. I only went where I was asked to help with activity that couldn’t be explained. And if I agreed, it wasn’t because something happened 6 months or even 6 days before. Whatever happened would have happened 6 hours before. Better still, 6 minutes before. Ideally, 6 seconds before.

After my comments I decided to take a shower and I was thinking about Harold. I was thinking that I’m not as adept at searching the Internet as my friend Donna, but in what research I have done recently, on my own, certain stories relating to the souls “imprisoned” in the doll are conflicting. There are different stories about the same event, and different dates as well.

Because of this I recently came to the conclusion that the history about this family has been “sanitized.” The family was so wealthy, that they spun the stories about them so that no hint of scandal would ever be made public.

As I was thinking this, I heard my friend call my name. I was stunned, because I saw him leave to go to work 10 minutes before. I thought that perhaps he’d forgotten something, and since I left the bathroom door open, he was letting me know he’d come back to save us both embarrassment.


“Yes! Did you forget something?” I called out, still in the shower.

A moment later… “Steve?” I knew I’d heard his voice. Perhaps he’d already left. I got out of the shower, dressed and walked out of the bathroom. That’s when I heard someone in his bedroom.


I walked into his bedroom fully expecting to see him. No one was there.

If someone got me on the phone and told me that this happened to them just moments before, that’s the sort of thing I’d be interested in. Times have changed though. I’m no longer doing that sort of thing.

So what do I think I heard?

Vincent has been telling his mum to tell me that the black thing is “tricking.” He hides and makes people do “nasty things.” He has a new bestie, whom he draws as a woman, who pretends to be something she’s not. Harold's new bestieDillon's last paintingHarold's minions

I think the demon is enjoying my frustration, and was letting me know by taunting me. I think it was also letting me know it was aware of what I posted and sent it’s minion to give me a “real time” experience; like the kind I said I would only investigate in years past.

But I’m not going to keep investigating the activity involving the doll. I’m not going to keep looking for answers.

I am going to find out what I need to do to stop this bullshit from happening, and I’m going to do what needs to be done as soon as possible to end this nightmare – for the souls imprisoned within the doll.

Melanies vision

P.S. I should mention that the doll is not here with me. I put it back in storage a couple of days ago.

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I’m ready to be done with Harold the Doll

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. It seems as though when I think I have the answers, they only lead to more questions. Which is why I tried to connect with a “demonologist” to begin with. To see if what I’m thinking is even possible and if how.

The problem is that most of them have no idea so they give me a lot of bluster, and not a lot of answers. One guy, whom I won’t name, suggested I simply put the doll somewhere outside of my home, and that’ll take care of things until he does an “exorcism” from whatever state he’s in.

Seriously? Okay, I do know where he’s coming from… one of the characteristics of a “haunting” is that the activity is confined to a 15 – 20 feet of the source of the activity. In other words, he thought he was dealing with an “angry ghost.” Not what I’m actually dealing with.

Both the entity and demon have apparently attacked people around the United States, South America, Canada, England, Europe, and Australia. Putting it outside and closing the door is going to end things for me?

Since bringing the doll out of storage, and letting it be known that I own it, I’ve spent the last three years trying to understand what was going with it. Once I found the answer to that question, I wanted to know why this happened and how it happened.

I honestly thought I knew, but after doing a little research today, I’m now thinking that I’ll never really know. There are too many versions to the same story. And it’s only one of the stories.

Harold cover photo

As I was saying, for every answer, there’s just more questions. At this point, I have just one – how do I bring this to an end, and release the souls imprisoned in the doll?

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Demonologist? I need an attorney?

No, I’m not being sued. I’ve just put a lot of pieces together regarding this case, and what I’ve found out contradicts what (if I remember correctly) I’ve been told.

I stumbled across  post (I won’t say who wrote it to protect her privacy) and it sounded suspiciously like a “Harold attack.” So I asked her to contact me and tell me what happened. Sure enough, it sounded even more like a classic attack by Harold.

I wanted to follow up so we talked on the phone the next morning, over the phone, and she told me how she was feeling. Suddenly everything clicked; thanks, in large part, to something Vincent said about his drawing.

Dillon's last painting

I’m sorry I’m being vague, but I’m writing this for a couple of reasons. One, this does involve some public figures, the spirit who calls himself “Harold” being one of them.

Two, what I found out doing some quick research (and I’m not very good at Internet research, not like my friend Donna Nikolla), ties everything together, from Vincent’s most recent drawing, to the common ways people were hurt simply by watching videos about the doll or simply looking at it’s picture. It also explains what happened to the Sheriff Deputy when he was reviewing evidence he gathered during the first investigation I’d ever allowed by an outside group.

The reason I need an attorney is to help me understand how much I can reveal and how far I can take this public, both now, and in the future. If you are an attorney, and have been following this, if you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions. I may also retain you if I do write a follow up book about my journey from my book at Harold, until now.

Please do not contact me until you’re experienced in this sort of law and can prove it to me. I’ve had my fill with self-proclaimed “demonologists.”

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“Why is Harold the Doll attacking me?”

Ken Murray messaged me that he had heard from the entity that calls itself Harold, and that he threatened someone named, “Dustin.” I had no idea who Dustin was, and told this to Ken.

Three nights later, I heard from someone who told me he’d just gotten out of the ER when his back went out for no conceivable reason. I wondered why he was telling me this until I realized his name was “Dustin.”

I heard from him again recently. We talked on the phone, and I asked him to write down his experiences for the record.

Anthony this is Dustin. I just wanted to tell you about some strange stuff that been happening to me here, lately, that could possibly be connected to Harold.

To begin with it all started a few months ago when I was having a lot of trouble. I threw out of my back at this time had no clue really about Harold, or anything, except for what I had seen on tv and a few other short articles. Anyways that evening I decided to get into contact with you for just a few general questions, as far as your ability about readings through social media recalling again at this time we had no interaction with each other and barely had even spoke a few words to one another beside hello or something to that nature.

But that night I did get in contact with you to ask you the questions, and all of a sudden you realize what was really going on, and explained to me about Harold and what had been said though a investigation of Harold and how he had stated that, and I quote, ‘Tell ‘Vincent’ that I will pay special attention to him soon…. Tell Dustin that he can’t stop me.” Once you realized that I am Dustin and what I had explained to you we came to the possible conclusion that this was a classic Harold attack up on me.

The past few weeks these attacks have stayed persistent and even have escalated some also. So that brings us to present day, and I had contacted you again yesterday to just update you on things and also told you about how the possible attacks have gotten worse, through mental feeling of complete unrest and uneasy feelings, also a lot of anxiety and just plain old evil feelings that does not go away.

I had also been having really vivid dreams, or nightmares so to say, of being alone in complete pitch black darkness and the only thing i would see when I tried to check my surroundings would be images of Harold or the demon himself. And even for instance, in one dream, I was stuck literally in Hell, burning, and crying out to God for help. Harold would also be there, but he would not me burning like I was.

During these dreams Harold would always be present, but stayed in complete silence. There has also been some accoutrements of manifestations of what I believe to be spirits at times of day and night, and even different locations including my home, and for some reason, just no peace.

With all this going on I would love your opinion of if these truly are attacks on me from Harold and why would he say that I would never stop him. Keep in mind that up until recently when all this started happening I had very little knowledge of Harold, and never had done any research, or even really anything at all to do with Harold except for watching the episode of where Harold was featured on Ghost Adventurers.

I live completely across the country in the state of Kentucky and have never met you yourself, or Harold the Haunted Doll. With millions and millions of people in this country and the ones that had way more experience with Harold, and you, WHY ME ????

What connection does Harold have with me, just a random country boy from the hills and hollers of eastern Kentucky, or what connection do I have with him. Just really baffling, and weird, and strange, and actually quit scary to me.

I had also asked you the question I believe that if you had never got Harold do you believe your life would be different, and think that would be complete different out comes of Harold experiences and attacks on the same people or different people or even attacks at all.

Thank you so much Anthony and have a great and blessed day.

From your friend, Dustin Ray.


Hi Dustin,

I will never forget when Kenneth Murray contacted me and said that Harold came to him threatening Vincent, the young boy with autism in Australia, and someone named, “Dustin.”

“I know who Vincent is, and as far as I know, he’s fine. I have no idea who ‘Dustin’ is though,” I told Ken. Then two or three days later you wrote to me via Facebook messenger telling me that you just got out of the E.R. due to a back problem you couldn’t explain and wanted to know if I had any idea what happened to you.

I still remember the chill that went through my body when I saw your name. Four days later I was told by Vincent’s mum that he spent time in the E.R. by where he lived, and that the doctors there had no idea what was wrong with him. She had no idea about the threat made against her son a week earlier, because I didn’t tell her. I didn’t want her to worry.

Now, if I’m understanding you correctly, the attacks against you have stepped up lately, in the form of dreams. I need to ask you if you’ve been reading up on, watching my vlogs, or doing anything out of the ordinary as far as your interest in the doll increasing?

Please let me know in the comment section, and I’ll post your comment in a “Part 2” of this blog post.




“Don’t mess with Harold the Doll!”

I had just finished watching an episode of a popular paranormal spirit hunting show that featured Harold the Haunted Doll. I had a few fun scares watching the show and found it to be very interesting. I loved the historical facts and the beautiful video of the place they were investigating. But Harold? To me Harold was just salt and pepper added to story to stir up a little more interest. Nothing more.

When the show was over I thought about old Harry for a few and decided to look up he and Anthony on line. I quickly found their Facebook page and scanned through looking at posts and comments. They all culminated into one assumed statement: “Don’t mess with the Harold-Meister!” To me that was just hilarious!

I have old dolls. Mine. Dolls from flea markets that I found interesting, hand made dolls from 40 some years back and China dolls given to me by older relatives. None of them speak, move, cure or make my coffee boil over in my cup.

I was good with harassing Harold through the phone….. or so I thought. I snickered, picked up my phone and gazed into Harold’s little black eyes. “OK ya little bad ass! Come at me bro! Hit me with what ya got! Aaaaaawwwwwww! You can’t touch me through the phone can ya, ya little bad ass!?” Yes, I actually said that. I did what every good ghost hunter knows you shouldn’t do. I was ignorant and I innocently egged Harold on.

Not ten minutes later I was struck with a mind blowing migraine. I mean light out. Don’t speak. Ice on the head.

After a long, painful night I got back online to join in the Harold discussions. That was not possible. Oh I could get on Facebook with ease. I could see Anthony’s page about Harold. No problem. But I was not able to get a comment through or even stay on the page long. Every time I tried to comment about what happened my phone would immediately scop back to my news feed. If that had happened to all the pages I followed I wouldn’t have thought anything of it. Just a Facebook or cell phone glitch. But it only happened to me when I tried to post on Anthony’s Harold page.

After about a week of frustration I pulled Harold’s picture back up, looked him squarely in the eyes and said, “OK Harold. I’m sorry I called you a bad name and I’m sorry I challenged you. Please let go of my phone! Be a good boy.” Low and behold I immediately had no problems with my phone after that.

Now I can’t say for sure that Harold did that. I don’t know. I can only say what happened and that is what happened.

I do know this: everything has life. Dolls must have some life. They’re loved, they’re cried over. They’re cared for. They’re abused. They’ve been used by abused counselors to help children voice what’s happened to them and they are sometimes used drug smugglers. They see everything. The older they are the more they’ve seen. I still love dolls. But now I have a greater respect for them.

Mary Jane

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