Melanie’s Vision of Harold Part 3

Shortly after Melanie posted an explanation of her drawing of the three “demoniac women”

Harold's minions

on Harold’s community page on Facebook, Marianne Shotto, whom I wrote about in my book about Harold and her experience shortly before Harold’s television debut on Ghost Adventures, asked Melanie a question. When Melanie didn’t respond, Marianne tried to contact me by phone. When I didn’t answer, she sent me this message –


Hi Anthony, you know me, I’m not one to jump on a bandwagon, but I feel I must tell you that after reading about Melanie’s dream, and inquiring to Melanie, about the woman in the middle of her brilliant drawing what happened.
A split second after posting my inquiry, my phone completely shut off. It took five to six tries to get it to turn back on. I tried putting it on the charger, then took the battery out, when the charger didn’t work. Finally got the phone to turn back on, but, now, I couldn’t get on FB, after several attempts, and some “Sailor talk,” I gave up.
I put the phone down. BUT, I could not get Melanie’s drawing out of my mind. The woman in the middle, I met her, felt her energy, and wickedness before. She IS the one who loudly screamed my name, the Thursday night before Harold’s TV, debut on Ghost Adventures. When I saw her in the drawing, all the emotion I had that night, came flooding back.
That was the reason for my asking about her. I admit, I am freaked out about the drawing. Ani I pray to God, Jesus, Mother Mary, and all the Saints, she never comes back to visit me again.

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