Harold the Doll is being “nice?”

I received a great question from “TheBrolyTV” on one of my vlogs. I wanted to share it with you, along with my response.

Wait, I don’t understand. It doesn’t like you sooo it’s playing nice? BTW huge fan!


What I’m dealing with is not just a “malevolent spirit,” but a Prince of Hell named in the Bible who was forced out of hiding during my investigation of the doll. I believe that pne who calls himself,”Harold” is the “front man,” doing what he was told to do so that hiss master could remain hidden. This is why I thought, for years, that the doll was simply “haunted.”

In the course of my investigation, I was led to believe that the spirit haunting the doll was cursed to remain in the doll and I would be able to, if I did enough research, find a way to release that spirit. I was trying to figure out how this could have happened and what to do about it when I discovered what is truly going on in it.

Since writing and publishing my book, things have quieted down considerably as far as the attacks on others go. I believe that this is to discredit me, and my book. That doesn’t mean the assaults have stopped completely. They haven’t. If anything, they have become more subtle. Especially on me. 

However, I’m getting fewer reports of people who believe they’re being attacked simply because they looked at a picture of the doll, read my blog posts, watch my vlog, talk about the doll, express skepticism about it, etc.

That being said, my life continues to be a living hell.

Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2


Melanie’s Vision of Harold Part 3

Shortly after Melanie posted an explanation of her drawing of the three “demoniac women”

Harold's minions

on Harold’s community page on Facebook, Marianne Shotto, whom I wrote about in my book about Harold and her experience shortly before Harold’s television debut on Ghost Adventures, asked Melanie a question. When Melanie didn’t respond, Marianne tried to contact me by phone. When I didn’t answer, she sent me this message –


Hi Anthony, you know me, I’m not one to jump on a bandwagon, but I feel I must tell you that after reading about Melanie’s dream, and inquiring to Melanie, about the woman in the middle of her brilliant drawing what happened.
A split second after posting my inquiry, my phone completely shut off. It took five to six tries to get it to turn back on. I tried putting it on the charger, then took the battery out, when the charger didn’t work. Finally got the phone to turn back on, but, now, I couldn’t get on FB, after several attempts, and some “Sailor talk,” I gave up.
I put the phone down. BUT, I could not get Melanie’s drawing out of my mind. The woman in the middle, I met her, felt her energy, and wickedness before. She IS the one who loudly screamed my name, the Thursday night before Harold’s TV, debut on Ghost Adventures. When I saw her in the drawing, all the emotion I had that night, came flooding back.
That was the reason for my asking about her. I admit, I am freaked out about the drawing. Ani I pray to God, Jesus, Mother Mary, and all the Saints, she never comes back to visit me again.