Melanie’s vision of Harold the Doll Part One


Melanie Bystra, who created this artwork after seeing it in a vision

Harold cover photo

contacted me to tell me of another vision she had. Here is her account of what happened (reprinted with permission) –

September 13, 2015, I woke up because my leg hurt. I had David, my husband, rub it because the pain was so horrible it was keeping me from sleeping.

After he rubbed my leg we could not go back to sleep. David said it felt like something was going to happen, there was a heaviness in the room. We talked for a little while and as I was drifting off to sleep I started seeing faces floating before me. My eyes were wide open. I shut them and still saw the faces. I didn’t think to much of it because sometimes I see faces when I close my eyes to sleep…but I was seeing them with my eyes open and shut. No matter what I did I saw faces.

I saw a thin face of a woman, the small round face of a small child with short hair, a man’s face that had a frown on it and he was wearing a derby hat. I also saw a boy who looked about 10-12 years old. The faces appeared to me one at a time and kind of faded in and out as I saw each one, probably because I was opening and shutting my eyes.

After I saw the man in the derby hat I mentioned to David that I was seeing faces. (David was laying next to me facing my back) I asked him if he was seeing what I was seeing. He told me yes and started to describe the faces I had been seeing. He said he saw a young child , a boy, a woman, and a man in a hat. I asked him if it was a derby hat and he said yes and he saw the frown on the man’s face also and he described the clothing the man was wearing exactly as I saw them. I closed my eyes and was still seeing them. Seeing the faces over and over again was starting to freak me out. So David told them that we knew they were there, but we needed to sleep and they needed to leave and told them God Bless you.

After he did that he saw a dark mass floating near the ceiling. It moved past our bathroom door and into our living room. When I shut my eyes I no longer saw the faces. Instead I saw a calming white light and was eventually able to go back to sleep.

Neither one of us said anything to each other after this happened but I mentioned to him when i got up that afternoon that I thought that it was “Harold” that was in our room early Sunday morning. David told me he had thought the same thing.

I asked her to draw what she saw, and she did. I sent a cropped pic of the drawing with just the man’s face to Vincent’s mom in Australia. I asked her to put it somewhere that Vincent would see it, but not to mention it to him.

She found it later in the trash, crumpled up, and covered with the yogurt that she had given Vincent for breakfast.

I recently received the original drawing from Melanie.

Melanies vision


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